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Grandma Wears Her Wedding Dress 60 Years after Wedding and Still Amazes Her Husband

Stephen Thompson
Apr 17, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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Love is a beautiful thing, and when one finds another they love unconditionally, the feeling lives with them forever. A grandmother and her husband showed this to be true in this amazing story.


A saying goes thus, "The most romantic love story isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together but grandpa and grandma who grew old together." Love is indeed beautiful, and countless examples prove this to be true. This doesn't mean love is all smooth sailing and without its troubles. 

However, when two lovers are committed to each other and dedicated to helping themselves grow into better persons and heartthrobs, it usually leads to a happy and blissful ending. 

[Left] Picture of Brooke's grandparents on their wedding day; [Right] Picture of Brooke's grandma dressed in her wedding gown in front of her husband | Source: tiktok.com/alibrookea


A viral TikTok video proves that love is endless and always beautiful when those involved stay faithful to each other. It showed a grandpa's eyes light up when he saw his beautiful wife in her wedding dress after 60 years of marriage. Find out all about the video and more below. 


TikTok user Ali Brooke shared a heartwarming video on her page on April 7, 2021. The footage showed her grandma clad in her wedding dress during what seemed to be a family gathering.

Picture of Brooke's grandma dressed in her wedding dress | Source : tiktok.com/alibrookea


Brooke's grandma looked young at heart in the clip as she dazzled in her beautiful wedding dress. However, she did not wear the outfit just for the sake of it but for her darling husband, who sat on a brown sofa in the living room. 

After checking herself out, Brooke's grandma walked over to her husband, who did not immediately grasp what was going on around him.

Picture of Brooke's grandparents on their wedding day | Source : tiktok.com/alibrookea


However, when he saw his wife of 60 years still looking as beautiful as ever in her wedding dress, he looked at her with so much love and smiled while she bowed to him as though she was making a presentation.

Family members giggled in the background as they watched the beautiful display of love in front of them. Brooke captioned the video:

"60 years, and he still looks at her like that ❤️ #GoForTheHandful #GetCrocd #weddingtiktok #weddingdresses."




Brooke's cute video attracted millions of likes and thousands of comments from other TikTokers and soon went viral.

One user said Brooke's grandmother bought a timeless dress, which still looks pretty today, before adding that the ageless bride is still beautiful.

Picture of Brooke's grandparents on their wedding day | Source : tiktok.com/alibrookea


Another user asked, "Can we see more pics of them over the years!?" before adding, "They’re so cute."

Meanwhile, a third person commented about how Brooke's grandpa looked at his loving wife, writing:

"The adoring way he looks at her is too beautiful 🥺 They are so blessed to have found each other in this lifetime." 

Users' comments under the post made by Brooke | Source : tiktok.com/alibrookea


THE "75-75" RULE

Spurred by the positive reaction her grandparents' love generated, Brooke posted another video in response to one of the comments she received. A user wanted to know how her grandparents do it as 60 years is a long time to stay married.

In the video Brooke posted on April 27, 2021, she showed a picture of the first time her grandpa told her about the "75-75" rule.

Picture of Brooke's grandparents | Source: tiktok.com/alibrookea


Brooke explained that the rule means that instead of giving 100% of themselves to a relationship, they should reserve 25% for themselves and 75% for their partner.

That way, both partners give 75% to their relationship and 25% to themselves. This is opposed to a 50-50 or 100-0 situation. The rule helps one take care of themself and still have extra for their partner so that they can grow together. 

Picture of Brooke's grandparents on their wedding day | Source: tiktok.com/alibrookea


Brooke said her grandmother always told her that love is a decision. She revealed that the video of her grandma in a wedding dress was shot in 2018; her grandparents had been married for 63 years.

Brooke further said her grandma revealed she had never loved her husband more, and their love kept growing. They are more in love than ever after many years together. 




Only a few weeks before sharing her grandparents' 75-75 rule, Brooke had uploaded another video, at the request of a TikTok user, showing her grandparents' pictures through the years. 

The loving grandchild shared several pictures of her grandparents, including their wedding photos and some sweet snaps of them during significant occasions, like when they had their first child.



Brooke's grandparents are not the only ones still very much in love after 60 years of marriage. Another sweet couple Janith Goedde and her husband Joe, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in May 2017.

Days before the celebration, the Goeddes gathered with family and friends to make merry ahead of their special day. During the gathering, someone joked that Janith should put on her wedding dress, which had been in the attic for many years. 



Janith did just that and still looked gorgeous in it after 60 years. She told reporters that the dress was a little tight but in good shape. Meanwhile, Joe confessed that his wife still looked beautiful.

Alison Renae, who posted a picture of her grandma in her wedding dress on Twitter, told HuffPost that her grandparents were her relationship role models. She said:

"I have been taught so many things about how to love unconditionally from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Jenny. Most importantly is to pray together." 



Renae added that her grandparents prayed the rosary daily after eating lunch, which was inspiring. She concluded by describing her family as a big and blessed one. 

When true love exists, it not only beautifies but also inspires the younger generation. In a world where many are at war with themselves, let these stories inspire those who still believe in love to spread it everywhere they go.