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Grieving Widow Who Misses Husband Every Day Tries on Her Wedding Dress 63 Years after They Wed

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 31, 2022
12:20 A.M.
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An elderly lady took a walk down memory lane when her granddaughter convinced her to wear her wedding dress after six decades. Then, the sweet gran posed for a picture while holding her original wedding photo from the 1950s. 


There's no doubting the love between a child and their parents. However, there's something heartwarming about the special bond children share with their elders, especially grandparents. 

The more we grow up, the more we yearn to return to our childhood. Perhaps that's why grandparents can come down to their grandkids' level, forging a profound connection that transcends everything. 

Amy Buchan Kavelaras's grandmother, Ruth, in her wedding dress 63 years later. | Photo: facebook.com/newsnercom



The story we're sharing today is about a fantastic grandma-grandchild duo that will melt your hearts. Amy Buchan Kavelaras from Westerville, Ohio, shared a phenomenal relationship with her grandmother, Ruth. 

One day, Kavelaras went to her grandma's place to help her move into an assisted living facility. Her mother accompanied her, and together, they started helping Ruth pack up.

While packing up stuff in the attic, they stumbled upon a box containing something special. Immediately, they decided to share the "special memory" with Ruth. 



Kavelaras ran to her grandmother and convinced her to try the "special thing." When Ruth saw it was her wedding dress from 63 years ago, she couldn't help being emotional. 

When she shared the heartwarming clips on TikTok, the fellow TikTokers started gushing over them and even pushed Petrik to try something new.

The sweet gran quickly donned her bridal attire, and surprisingly, it fit perfectly. Ruth looked stunning in the white wedding gown, and her daughter captured her breathtaking beauty as she held her original wedding photo from 1953.



Kavelaras shared the heart-melting photo on social media on September 21, 2019. She also briefly described her grandparents' love story and how her grandma missed her late husband every day. The caption further read:

"My grandma Ruth stayed married to my grandpa Jack his entire life until he died in 2000. They had a love that spanned the ages. People should know this kind of love is real and is worth waiting for."

The sentimental social media post went viral, amassing views, likes, and comments from several netizens worldwide. While wearing her wedding dress must have felt emotional and complex, we're glad Ruth did it because she looked ethereal.



Kavelaras and Ruth aren't the only grandma-granddaughter duo melting hearts and garnering love from far and wide. A TikToker, Kate Petrik, or KP, who goes as @_darth_kater, caused ripples when she shared touching clips of her grandma, Marilyn.

It all started when Marilyn found a box containing her wedding dress from 65 years ago. Petrik couldn't keep herself from capturing the precious moments of her grandma's emotional meltdown.

When she shared the heartwarming clips on TikTok, the fellow TikTokers started gushing over them and even pushed Petrik to try something new. Do you want to find out what happened next? You can read the full story here.