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Inside Valerie Bertinelli's Lavish Home Where She Mothered 4 Step Kids during Her 10 Year Marriage

Titi Dokubo
Apr 15, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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In 2001, Valerie Bertinelli and her first husband of over 20 years separated. After her separation from rock star Eddie Van Halen, she acquired an over two million dollars Hollywood Hills home the following year.


The house is a traditional-style home they built in 1948, but they had remodeled it before she purchased it. The beloved actress known for her cooking skills did not live alone as her second husband moved into the home with his kids.

In 2015, the Hollywood star opened up her home to the delight of fans when she started her "Valerie's Home Cooking" show. Here's a look into the now-famous house from Valerie Bertinelli's cooking show.

Valerie Bertinelli at the Build Series on August 21, 2019, in New York [left], Photo of Valerie Bertinelli's cat in her kitchen [top right], Valerie Bertinelli in her home office [bottom right] | Source: Getty Images,, Ray Show


Valerie Bertinelli's lavish mansion featured five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two wood-burning fireplaces, a master suite with walk-in closets, vaulted ceilings, a media and family room, and a separate bedroom wing off the family room.

Outside the window was a breathtaking view of the city and rolling lawns from its 5,200 square feet. In 2011, the actress found love, married her longtime boyfriend, and became a stepmom to his four kids.

The couple lived in her house for ten years, but she recently filed for legal separation. Fortunately, she still has a strong family bond with her only biological son.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen at the Los Angeles premiere of "Batman" on June 19, 1989 | Source: Getty Images



Before getting inside her house, Bertinelli, who loves a lot of space, has a covered terrace with chairs and tables, perfect for outdoor relaxation.

As a food lover and author, Bertinelli's home office is also in her kitchen. It is also where she takes her coffee, does her reading, and works on her crossword.

A view of Valerie Bertinelli's home office | Source: Ray Show


Bertinelli installed a shelf for her favorite books right behind her work desk in the corner of her kitchen, where her home office is situated. Besides the books, she also has a picture of her cat Dexter, who passed away in 2012.

While her home office has burgundy and brown wood furniture, the rest of Bertinelli's kitchen features plenty of fitted cream-colored cabinets giving her more storage space.


In this space where her culinary magic happens, Bertinelli also has high-end appliances. Outside the kitchen, she has a garden which she sees as an extension of her kitchen.

Bertinelli revealed that the garden is one of her favorite places as she can pick fresh produce straight from her backyard and cook with them.


The garden is not the only thing she has in her backyard. Bertinelli also has an infinity pool that overlooks stunning views, which she can see from her kitchen and dining.

In addition to reading in her home office, Bertinelli also has a reading room that is big enough for all her books so that she never has to throw any books away.


Inside, Bertinelli added a modern touch to her space with wood floors and a white staircase. In her bathroom, she has a frame of herself and her only son, Wolfgang.

Bertinelli lived with her second husband, Tom Vitale, in this mansion for ten years. She also shared the place with her dog named Luna and five cats she loved



After dating for six years, Bertinelli said 'yes' when Vitale asked her to marry him in May 2010 in Italy while they were on vacation.

On January 1, 2011, the couple had a surprise wedding in front of about 100 guests. Bertinelli opted for a David Meister custom blue silk chiffon gown and Jimmy Choo shoes for the wedding at their cliff-side Malibu home.


Vitale is a financial planner, internet personality, and entrepreneur who has worked as a producer and co-producer in many films. Once married, the "Hot in Cleveland" star became a stepmother to two sons and two daughters from Vitale.

While her oldest stepson was the same age as her son, her stepdaughters were two and five years younger, and her youngest stepson was eight years younger than her son.


As a stepmom, Bertinelli, who never wanted to replace their mother, became a great friend to them. She said she was never comfortable with giving them timeouts.

Bertinelli would rather talk with them when their dad was around, and while being calm, she tried to be a soft place for them to fall if they ever wanted to talk about anything.


In the end, she developed special friendships with them and loved them dearly. Her son also had a great relationship with his stepsiblings as they spent quality time together at his place.

As Bertinelli and Vitale became empty-nesters, she revealed that relationships with children changed, and she tried not to infringe on territories.

Bertinelli and Vitale were married for ten years before she filed for legal separation in November 2021, citing irreconcilable differences.



Bertinelli did not become a mother till she was 30 years old, and she believes there were some pros and cons. She said age gave her the wisdom she needed to impart to her child.

However, having a child at that age meant not having the energy to run after them as the body tries to keep up with the young ones, but she is looking forward to having grandchildren.


She recalled that Wolfgang would look up to her as a child, tell her he loved her, and kiss her. She misses that and is hopeful to look after babies again when she has grandchildren.

However, Bertinelli is glad that she experienced the joys of motherhood. She is happy to listen to her son when he wants to vent, is feeling blue, or when he wants her opinion on something.

She is glad he respects her opinion, even though he would never say it aloud. He would call her to ask what she thought or how she would handle certain situations.

Bertinelli has been able to make memories with her son by spending as much time as she could with him though she has a lot of guilt because she sometimes worked long hours.

She is glad that her son has made good choices in his life, and she is always there to support him. Although he is a bassist, Bertinelli says she trusts her son and does not need to worry about him.