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After Baby’s Birth Woman Becomes Distant to Her Man So He Decides to Get Paternity Tests

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 21, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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After living with his girlfriend for five years, the man suspected she had cheated on him when they separated for three months. He had doubts in his mind after observing her strange behavior.


The Redditor stayed anonymous while narrating his story in the "offmychest" forum. He shared what made him doubt his girlfriend's fidelity. 

It took him some time to muster the courage to confront her. She denied cheating on him, but her answer didn't satisfy him. 

After baby's birth, wife became aloof to man. | Source: Flickr / Lisa Zins Flickr / Bill Smith


The couple took a break from each other for three months, but they had decided not to get intimate with anyone else other than each other. 

After a few months, the woman discovered she was pregnant. She informed the man and vowed that she didn't get intimate with anyone else except him. 

At first, the man was suspicious. He told her he didn't want the baby and suggested she terminate the pregnancy. The woman refused and assured him that the baby belonged to him. 

The woman discovered she was pregnant. | Source: Pexels


Once she had convinced him, he asked her to move in with him and cared for her like family. He accompanied her to the hospital when she went to see her gynecologist. 

Her strange attitude ignited his previous suspicions.

He always stayed by her side during the nine months of her pregnancy because he wanted to make her feel loved and he wanted them to stay together as a family.

He asked her to move in with him. | Source: Unsplash


However, things took a different turn when she gave birth to their child. The man felt she had started mistreating him and was mean to him for no reason. 

When their baby turned two months old, she expressed her desire to move out. She had started looking for affordable apartments in the area while the man couldn't understand what was bothering her in his house. 

Her strange attitude ignited his previous suspicions. He felt she was moving away from him because he was not the baby's father.

Her attitude had changed after the baby was born. | Source: Unsplash


He ordered a paternity testing kit through Amazon and took the test at home to clear his doubts. He sent the DNA samples to the lab and waited for the results to arrive.

A few days later, the results proved that he was not the father. He couldn't believe it because the baby looked like him, so he decided to take another paternity test.

This time, he went to the lab and took the test in person while keeping it a secret from his girlfriend. He also hadn't told her about the results of the first test. 

He suspected the baby was not his. | Source: Unsplash


To his horror, the second test results also said he was not the father. Having mixed feelings, he confronted his wife and told her about the test results.

During the confrontation, she confessed that she got intimate with another man during their 3-month separation but never thought the child was not his.  She always assured him that the child was his based on her assumption.

After looking at the reports, she asked him if he wanted to leave her. He said yes and asked her to move out of his house. The numerous memories they had made during the past five years flashed before her eyes. She didn't want to leave the man.


He took a paternity test to clear his doubts. | Source: Unsplash

She begged him not to leave her, but he said she shouldn't have lied to him about the other person. The man was hurt because she mistreated him and hid that she had cheated on him.


Meanwhile, he found it difficult to abandon his child, but he didn't want to live with his girlfriend anymore. When he discussed it with his friends and family, they told him to do what his heart said. 

He opened up about his situation on Reddit to see what others would say. "Leave her," Redditor 55soul stated and backed his suggestion with reasons.

He confronted her and told her he didn't want to live with her. | Source: Pexels


The Redditor said it would be difficult to regain the trust once it's broken. He also believed the woman was trying to manipulate OP as she did before. 

"Child is not yours. Neither does she respect your decision. Why do you want to respect her again?" the Redditor asked

Meanwhile, Redditor CADreamn advised the man to leave his girlfriend and to make sure his name was not listed as the child's father on documents, or else he would have to pay child support. Otherwise, he could forgive his girlfriend and accept the child as his, though the baby wouldn't remember him if he left him now. 

He discussed it with his friends and family before writing a Reddit post. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the man should forgive his girlfriend?

It's possible the woman genuinely didn't know that the baby didn't belong to OP, and she really loved OP despite the circumstances. For OP, though, a sin against their relationship had been committed when she lied to him about not seeing anyone else during their 3-month break and this was something he could not forgive. Do you think there is room to forgive in this case? Would you forgive the woman if you were OP? 

Do you think she was manipulating him?

It's unclear why the woman became aloof to OP after giving birth, and some might suspect it was because she already had her suspicions that OP may not be the father. Do you think she was being manipulative by leading OP to believe she had no idea he wasn't the father?  

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