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Man Sees His Newborn Girl, Accuses Wife Again of Cheating, and Gets a DNA Paternity Test

Rita Kumar
Apr 19, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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When the woman announced her pregnancy, her partner sensed something was wrong because it happened after he moved abroad. His suspicions reached new heights when he saw the newborn child.


Redditor beaubandit considered herself lucky to be in a perfect relationship with her boyfriend. Her goals and perspectives aligned with his and made her think it was her "happily ever after…" love story.

But one incident pushed her to take revenge on the guy after he went behind her back and did something she never expected. Before revealing her incredible act of vengeance, she led her readers to a bit of background on Reddit's "ProRevenge" sub.

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The Original Poster (OP) met her partner while pursuing her post-secondary degree. The couple enjoyed each other's company and sorted out their issues together. While all was well between the two, the relationship went through a rough patch three years later when OP's partner told her about his desire to pursue a degree in Europe.

But it didn't add up to her because her guy never mentioned sharing a room with a female student.

OP was upset as she realized they would have to be apart for four years. She couldn't move with him since her prospects in the medical field would demand her to retake schooling if she decided to relocate.


So, with a heavy heart, OP agreed to his move. Moreover, she didn't want to get in the way of his goals. The couple was determined to love each other regardless of distance, but fate had other plans.

OP's career choice didn't allow her to relocate with her partner. | Source: Unsplash


OP graduated in time and got her dream job. She stayed in the rented apartment she once shared with her partner. While she had a good start to her life, the guy had ongoing issues with his student visa in the country he planned to graduate from. However, he got a temporary student visa for the first semester and left with that.

OP hugged and kissed him goodbye at the airport. She bawled her eyes out while watching his plane take off. Things seemed perfect until the bomb dropped on OP when she found out she was pregnant five weeks later.

OP admitted it happened at a "horrible timing," and she immediately told her guy about it. But her excitement came crashing when he accused her of cheating on him while he was away. OP was surprised since he had never said something like this to her before. She felt offended and fought it off with him.


Shortly after, the guy returned home for Christmas super excited. Before OP could process his change in emotions, he proposed to her on their car ride home from his parents' place on Christmas Eve. OP was thrilled and assumed things were drifting back in place when they weren't.

OP's pregnancy announcement didn't go too well with her partner. | Source: Pexels


Eventually, the man went back to school while OP had a stressful pregnancy. Luckily, both their parents were supportive and even threw OP a surprise baby shower.

When OP delivered their baby girl, her partner couldn't make it, but he was with her through Skype. However, he wasn't as excited as his family when he returned home after his exams.  

The guy often talked negatively about their child and pointed out how the baby's hair differed from his brown hair. On some occasions, he stressed her eyes looked like OP's friend's. With each passing day, the guy kept dropping hints that seemingly doubted the baby's paternity, and he again accused her of cheating.


OP hesitantly agreed to take their daughter's DNA test to verify her paternity to keep the peace in their relationship. And when the results unsurprisingly declared her partner was the child's father, the guy agreed to pay "informal child support" and left for overseas again.

The guy constantly doubted the newborn's paternity & headed for a DNA test. | Source: Unsplash


Although things seemed to go well for a while, they went downhill when the man had trouble with his visa. Since the guy's student visa wasn't yet approved, he had to reapply for another temporary permit for the next semester.

He often redirected his mails to OP since he didn't trust his university would go through his official mails. In turn, OP forwarded them to the guy's university in his care packages.

Likewise, OP had to collect the new passport he'd applied for during a previous visit as his passport was expiring in six months. And since it was midterm exam season, she decided to take her daughter to visit him and deliver the passport in person.


It took OP a couple of months to get an infant passport and book the tickets to the guy's place. After arriving at the destination, she settled in a hotel with her baby and was overly excited to see and surprise her partner. She took a taxi to his place, and little did she know she was in for a surprise that would leave her shaken.

OP took her baby along to surprise her partner. | Source: Pexels


Following the 45-minute taxi ride, OP arrived at the guy's dorm on campus. She excitedly knocked on his door, holding their daughter.

A woman answered from inside, and OP thought she was his roommate. But it didn't add up to her because her guy never mentioned sharing a room with a female student.

With several doubts hounding her mind, OP asked the woman where her guy was. The woman told her he was inside and called out to him.

Just then, OP heard the unthinkable from her partner and was startled as he came to the door and said, "Who is it, babe?"

The guy froze and paled out upon seeing OP at the doorway. The woman with him had no idea who OP was and asked him, "Honey, who is this?"


OP felt her whole world crashing and walked away. The guy ran after her and tried convincing her that he'd been "so lonely" and "couldn't help it," but that he loved her and not the woman. 

However, OP was too heartbroken. She left without a word in tears and stayed in the hotel for a day before taking a last-minute flight back home.

OP's world crashed after she saw her guy with another woman. | Source: Unsplash


A week later, OP decided it was over and contacted her lawyer. Eventually, she sent her partner a notice for a hearing about custody and some paperwork for legal separation.

Following the formalities, OP won custody over her baby, and her guy was ordered to pay child support. But since he never paid a dime, a warrant for his arrest was issued in his home country.

Meanwhile, OP realized she needed to make the man regret betraying her. She remembered the package with his new passport that she never got to deliver to him and devised an act of revenge.

OP remembered her guy's new passport that she hadn't delivered to him. | Source: Unsplash


The guy's passport had expired, and he couldn't return to his home country from Europe. He yelled at OP to send him his new passport, but she kept calm. Since he didn't pay any child support and had an arrest warrant issued on his name, she turned a deaf ear to his request.

The guy found himself at a dead end without a proper student visa and passport. His summer exams were over, and he could no longer reside in Europe. OP decided to disgrace him and anonymously reported him to the country's embassy for overstaying his visa.

The guy was expelled to his home country and arrested at the border for not abiding by the court's order to pay child support.


OP said she had no idea what happened after, but she was sure he spent a couple of months on probation. His criminal record prohibited him from applying for a visa to study abroad.

OP was pleased with her little act of revenge and amassed overwhelming support from people who flocked to share their thoughts online.

The man was arrested in his home country. | Source: Pexels


"Eh, well, I've had a long-distance relationship where I loved my SO, and because I'm a very socially active person, I found it very difficult to stay faithful," Redditor Drolemerk stated.

The person explained that they never cheated on their partner but ended the long-distance relationship instead, adding:

"I'm glad it works out for you, but pretending long-distance relationships are easy is exactly how people end up in these situations where they cheat."

As more people came forward and called out OP's partner for betraying her, user KnotARealGreenDress revealed their outlook on long-distance relationships.


"I always assumed that the hardest part of an LDR was being away from your SO, not staying away from other people," the person asserted.

People on Reddit shared their thoughts on the guy's betrayal. | Source: Pexels


OP said her ex never reached out to her, nor did he drop any hints about reconciling with their daughter. "She has a relationship with his parents, who adore her as grandparents do, but he has not tried to reconnect personally," she revealed.

In the end, OP clarified, "If my daughter ever wanted a relationship with him, I would let her. But she has to make that decision for herself, and I wouldn't force her to."

In the end, OP claimed she would still let her daughter reconcile with her dad if the girl wanted. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's ex-partner would come to regret his mistake?

OP claimed that her ex didn't contact her after his arrest and never showed any interest in reconciling with their daughter. However, only time will tell if he would regret burning bridges with OP and their daughter.

What would you do if your partner cheated on you during a long-distance setup?

When OP discovered her husband's affair with a woman while he was away, she initiated legal proceedings and sought court help to gain full custody of their child. She parted ways with him, although she was willing to let her daughter have a relationship with her dad if she wanted to. Given your distance, how would you deal with your partner cheating on you?


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