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Single Man Gives up His Successful Career to Raise 63 Children without Parents

Stephen Thompson
Apr 18, 2022
08:00 P.M.
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A simple act of kindness can easily change someone's life and make them feel loved, and this emotional story of a Haitian man proved it. Continue reading to learn about his sacrificial act that went viral.


Children brighten up the world, and most parents and guardians would usually do anything to protect them. While some kids are fortunate to have parents or guardians who would go out of their way to make life comfortable for them, other kids are not.

In some cases, these neglected children end up in foster care, on the streets, or in orphanages, where they receive little or no attention. However, in other cases, some are taken care of by individuals who look after them like their own.

[Left] Picture of Jérémie Mercier; [Right] Picture of the children in Jérémie's orphanage | Source: facebook.com/ChildrenofTomorrowOrphanage


For such children, the love and acceptance from these individuals go a long way in changing their notions about life. Due to the care from their foster or adoptive parents, these kids grow up to be adults, full of love and compassion and being an inspiration to many.

A viral story of a Haitian man proved that love and acceptance can still thrive, even with all the neglect, hate, and disappointment in the world. He gave up his career to look after 63 children without parents. Here is the full story of the brave man.




Jérémie Mercier, a native of Haiti, is a man who grew up in abject poverty. As a child, he had to watch his poor mother, Mioleine Israel, take care of the family. The woman grew up in Platon Orange, Haiti, a poor place with little or no educational opportunities.

So, Israel never went to school, but this never stopped her from working hard to cater to Mercier and his siblings. She would cook for her children and carry heavy tubs full of laundry and water, from the village, with no food or water.

Even though life was tough for Israel, she persevered, and her efforts paid off. One of her sons became a medical doctor, and the other a community leader. In addition, Mercier got a job with the United Nations as a translator.




Everything was finally going smoothly until 2010, when a terrible earthquake hit Haiti, eventually leading to the death of thousands of people. Although Mercier did not die, he was greatly affected by the disaster.

The building he was in was on the verge of collapsing, and the man was forced to jump from the third story, damaging his legs and losing consciousness. 

Mercier was devastated by the outcome of the disaster, and that was the turning point in his life. He saw three children, who lost their parents due to the earthquake, and took them home. From that day, he was nicknamed "Papa Jérémie." 




The kids he took home were only three out of the numerous he would take under his wing. As things kept getting worse in Haiti, Mercier continued to take in more children. Parents who could no longer cater to their children would leave them at Mercier's doorstep.

The man kept accepting more children, and in due time, he quit his career to open the "Children of Tomorrow Orphanage." Mercier has not turned any child away, and as of 2019, he had 63 children under his care.


At first, keeping up with such a large number of kids was difficult. He had difficulty paying the rent and feeding the children. But today, he has gotten a lot of help from well-meaning individuals.

A group of people who met Mercier during various service and mission trips in Haiti came together to form an organization to support him. Several donations have been made towards the children's education, feeding, and clothing.




Currently, things appear to be better for Mercier and the 63 children. One of the children, who was abused by his stepmother and was severely injured, recovered physically and mentally.

All of these milestones keep Mercier going. Someday, he hopes to get the orphanage to accommodate about 300 children. Helping children without parents remains his top priority. He once revealed:

"I will never stop helping my children. Never. Never. Never."



Apart from owning an orphanage, Mercier also offers help to three underserved villages. With support from donors, he has built wells and schools in these poor villages.

He believes that the only way to create a better future for the people of Haiti is to provide children with love, basic needs, education, and a relationship with God.

This story should be an encouragement and inspiration to people to show love to those around them. With these kind gestures, the world would become a better place.