Man Decides to Secretly Get a Paternity Test after Seeing His Newborn Baby

Rita Kumar
Apr 22, 2022
11:30 P.M.

The man thought his newborn baby girl was a little miracle that had arrived to fill the void in his life after he was diagnosed with sterility. But things headed in a different direction after he keenly observed her skin tone and fine hair.


What would you do if your partner revealed her pregnancy shortly after you were clinically declared infertile? Undoubtedly, it could be an exciting moment for some, as was with Reddit dad heresjohnny94.

The 31-year-old man was crushed when he learned he couldn't have a baby despite trying for years. His doctors told him he was sterile, so he'd given up trying. One day, his fiancée revealed her pregnancy, and he was thrilled to welcome their miracle child. But as he tended to his newborn daughter, her peculiar skin tone and fine hair drew his attention for all the wrong reasons.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) and his fiancée stopped trying for a baby after he was told he was sterile. But they had an active intimate life, so when his partner fell pregnant and welcomed their baby, OP was ecstatic. However, his joy came crashing down a few days later while he was occupied tending to his newborn.


Her reactions fueled his doubts, so he secretly took the paternity test.

For some reason, the baby's ashen skin troubled OP, who was a man of color. But since his partner was white, he assumed the child would darken a little as she grew older.

OP wasn't the only one speculating the odds that something was off with his child's appearance. His friends often asked him if he was sure the baby was his and that his fiancée hadn't cheated on him.

Whenever such speculations surfaced, OP brushed them off, confident his little girl would become darker in time. But when that didn't happen even five months later, some serious doubts hounded OP.

OP's doubts about his baby's paternity doubled after five months. | Source: Unsplash

OP's doubts about his baby's paternity doubled after five months. | Source: Unsplash


The baby had fine hair without any kinks or curls. Her skin was pale, and her eyes looked nothing like his. With each passing day, OP couldn't help but doubt why the baby looked so different.

He turned to Reddit's "Relationship Advice" sub and asked random people if he was being paranoid. He feared it would only backfire if he questioned his fiancée about it.

Several Redditors advised OP to get a paternity test secretly to get to the bottom of the truth. The post's top-voted commenter EstuaryKingBI stated:

"If the results come back that you're the father, then congratulations to you. If the results come back that you're not the father, then you need to have a serious talk with your fiancée."

After leaving his readers in the dark about what happened next, OP returned with a disturbing update.

OP thought he was being paranoid. | Source: Pexels

OP thought he was being paranoid. | Source: Pexels


Following some of the insightful advice online, OP decided to discuss his fears with his partner. She left their baby at her mom's place after he insisted. That night, OP made dinner and slowly discussed his doubts with her.

He first talked about how their combined lives had changed after the baby's arrival. Then he explained his anxieties around being clinically declared sterile and becoming a father simultaneously.

His partner realized what he was trying to say and jumped in defense. She stood her ground that "miracles happen" and refused a DNA test when he suggested the idea.

After an intense argument, OP gave up and told her it was okay. But his fiancée constantly nagged him of accusing her of cheating and asked why he couldn't just be happy that they had a healthy and beautiful daughter. Her reactions fueled his doubts, so he secretly took the paternity test.

The next couple of days after the results arrived were excruciating since they revealed OP wasn't the kid's father. After an intense struggle between keeping the truth to himself and confronting his fiancée, OP unleashed his emotional baggage on her. Unsurprisingly, the woman denied everything and argued the test could be faulty.

OP's partner jumped in defense when he confronted her. | Source: Pexels

OP's partner jumped in defense when he confronted her. | Source: Pexels

She threatened to leave him and told him she'd be moving out with their baby shortly. OP was certain his fiancée couldn't take care of the baby on her own since he brought in half of the income and provided everything for the child.

Although he was pleased with her decision to move out, he realized he couldn't be without the baby and asked the internet if he still stood a chance for "shared custody" since his name was on the baby's birth certificate.

"I know there's probably no way possible for me to get some custody, but is it pointless to fight for shared? I can't lose my daughter," he stated.

Redditors sympathized with him for all he endured. Meanwhile, some shared their thoughts and advice, hoping it would help him sort things out.

OP asked Reddit if he stood a chance for a shared custody of the baby girl. | Source: Unsplash

OP asked Reddit if he stood a chance for a shared custody of the baby girl. | Source: Unsplash

"Dude, sincerely, get a lawyer," stated the post's top-voted commenter envisionandme. However, some users stressed that OP needn't take the legal route considering his circumstances.

"A lawyer for what? They aren't married, and the kid isn't his...He needs to peace out of this toxic situation," declared another Redditor.

As the discussion magnified, some, like user StonedCrone, alerted OP about how his fiancée could sue for custody and child support. "Your name is on the birth certificate. You are the legal guardian...You are her father. Fatherhood is a role, not just a mere donation of sperm. Be a great dad. Fight for her. Lawyer up!" the person asserted.

While OP's scenario was met with divided opinions, some told him to cut off his partner and her baby from his life. Some even wondered why OP wanted to still father a child that wasn't his and speculated if he still loved his fiancée.

People online wondered if OP still loved his fiancée. | Source: Unsplash

People online wondered if OP still loved his fiancée. | Source: Unsplash

"You are right, I am still very much in love with her as that's something I can't just stop doing. As much as I hate what she did, I could never hate her," OP confessed.

He later also admitted that he wouldn't have ever doubted the baby's paternity if she resembled him. "She (his fiancée) still refuses to tell me who the father is. She lied to my face on multiple occasions, and I don't think I could ever fully trust her again," he added.

OP claimed that he could no longer trust his partner. | Source: Pexels

OP claimed that he could no longer trust his partner. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP would still be willing to father the child if her biological dad enters the picture and takes responsibility?

Though he isn't the girl's biological father, OP admitted he still wants to assume the role of her father with the intention of getting shared custody of her. He had already formed a deep bond with her that he couldn't just switch off. At the moment, the wife hasn't revealed who the father is, and he doesn't seem to be in the picture. Should he show up one day and assume the responsibility, would OP be willing to share fatherhood with him?

Do you think OP should ignore the paternity test results and establish a lifelong relationship with the child?

Some people stated that fatherhood doesn't always fall under the rules of genetics. They also asserted that OP could still be the girl's father if he wanted to. What's your opinion, and should this happen to you, what would you do?

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