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Three Men Claiming to Be Orphan Girl’s Father Show Up at Her Easter Celebration – Story of the Day

Roshanak Hannani
Apr 20, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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Chloe wanted to find out who her father was, but all she knew was his first name and that he had a holiday romance with her mother in 1992. So her husband, Steve, suggested posting a story on Facebook, which went viral. Three men wrote back and were invited to meet Chloe and her family. Watching them, she realized something shocking. 


"Should I really post it?" Chloe asked her husband, Steve, as she poised her finger on top of the enter key on her laptop.

"Yes, honey. It's the best option," Steve affirmed, and Chloe clicked to upload the post. She had no idea if it would work. But she had hope.

The men showed up at Steve's parents' house. | Source: Flickr


The post had been Steve's suggestion because Chloe had been dreaming of finding out who her father was since she lost her mother at 11. She grew up in the system with no other family. Of course, Steve was now her family, a great husband, and a fantastic father to their children. But she always wondered if she had a father out there.

The three of them started quarreling about everything as if Chloe was a competition to win.

Chloe's mother had a summer romance in Cancun, Mexico in 1992 with a stranger she never saw again. His name was Paul, but her mother never discovered his last name or tried to find him, even after discovering her pregnancy. She moved to Washington D.C. and raised her daughter until a car accident took her away from Chloe.


Despite being an orphan, Chloe had lucked out with Steve, and now they had three beautiful children. But the Easter holidays were coming up, and she thought about all of Steve's family traditions and how she wished someone from her family could be there.

She posted the story on Facebook, hoping it would work. | Source: Pexels


Hopefully, the post would bring some results.


Unbeknownst to her, Steve asked his students at Georgetown University, where he taught mathematics, to share the post. It soon went viral, and several people responded to it. Most of the responses wished her luck, but she soon got messages from three men who fit the criteria. They all traveled to Cancun in 1992, although she wasn't even sure of the dates.

There was Paul Smith, a retired businessman from Colorado, who asked her if he could come to visit her. The other person was Paul Scott from Virginia, who was in the army and lived only a few hours away from her. The third man was Paul Harvey, a theater actor from Montana.


They all asked to meet her, so Steve suggested inviting them to his parents' house to celebrate Easter. They all agreed immediately and hoped to see her soon.

However, Chloe was worried because none of the men knew they had possible competition. "They might be surprosed to see each other there," she told Steve after finishing up plans.

Steve assured her everything would be fine. | Source: Pexels


"Well, honey. What's done is done. We can only hope they understand," Steve stated, shrugging his shoulders and kissing his wife to ease her worries.


Chloe and Steve had arrived at his parents' house, and they took the kids for distractions outside so they could entertain their incoming guests.

The first one to arrive was Paul Scott since he lived nearby. He brought gifts and dessert for everyone. He was a wonderfully kind man for someone in the army, but he had the demeanor of someone in charge.

"I was a young man enjoying some vacation in Cancun. I should've been more careful and maybe asked for your mother's number," he told Chloe as they started chit-chatting, but they couldn't talk much further because the bell rang.


Paul Smith from Colorado was right outside with a huge smile and bearing gifts. "Chloe! It's so nice to meet you!" he said kindly. But he frowned when Chloe introduced him to Paul Scott. And before they could even sit down and talk, the bell rang again.

Each of the men arrived with gifts and a smile. | Source: Pexels


Finally, Paul Harvey had arrived, and he was also carrying tons of gifts. Chloe felt terrible about it. Maybe she shouldn't have told them about her children. But the damage was done. She introduced the final Paul to the group and got them all to sit down.

"Well, this situation must come off as strange to everyone. But the three of you responded to my post, and you all fit the criteria. You could all be my father. Can you tell me more about yourselves?" she requested. 

They all took turns explaining their history, although she already knew a little about them. Unfortunately, she had no idea what to do when all of them had taken a turn. No one knew the specifics about her mother's vacation fling.


"I'm sorry if this might be confusing. I wish my mother had told me about what happened back then," Chloe apologized.

"I think it might be me. You have my eyes," Paul Harvey stated, but the other Pauls didn't like those words.

"Chloe looks like my mother," Paul Scott suggested. "I could show you a picture of her. You're really similar."

"I think she has my nose actually," Paul Smith interjected, trying to bring attention to him.

The older men started bickering about being the father. | Source: Pexels


Soon enough, the three of them started quarreling about everything as if Chloe was a competition to win. She hated that and whispered to Steve that this gathering had been a mistake.

That's when her husband decided to intervene. "Gentlemen, stop. I have an idea. I'm going back to our apartment to get a picture of Chloe's mother. That might helps us with this," he stated.

Chloe wasn't sure it would work, as it had been decades. They might not recognize her mother at all. Maybe DNA tests were the only option. But Steve still went back to their house.

In the meantime, she took the men outside, where Steve's parents had prepared an Easter egg hunt for the children. She introduced the men as family friends, and each of her kids grabbed one older man, requesting their help with the search.


They soon found all the eggs and went back inside. The men helped prepare the table and talked to her kids as if they were their grandfather. They also got along well with Steve's parents, and eventually, they talked to each other about life. Their earlier bickering was utterly forgotten.

Chloe hid the picture of her mother. | Source: Pexels


When Steve returned with the picture, Chloe grabbed it, hid it in her pocket, and shook her head at her husband. "I don't need to know anything, honey. I would like for all these men to be my father," she explained, smiling at him. Her heart was full after watching the men with the children. She didn't need anything else. 

She maintained a relationship with all of them, and they eventually didn't care about her parentage either. They loved her kids above anything.

What can we learn from this story?

  • It would be best to be careful while on holiday. Things happen, but it's best to watch out and be careful when you get involved with anyone.
  • Biology is not everything. Chloe realized the three men were all good enough to be her father, so she didn't need answers anymore.

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