Hunter Cmelo, 2015 | Source: Facebook.com/NYDailyNews
Hunter Cmelo, 2015 | Source: Facebook.com/NYDailyNews

6-Year-Old Schoolboy Is 1-Minute Late to School – Mom Accidentally Finds Out about His Harsh Punishment

Junie Sihlangu
Oct 31, 2023
10:00 A.M.

A little boy faced unusual retribution for being late to school, which deeply upset him and left him in tears. When his mom decided to visit him during lunch one day, she was devastated after discovering what his detention looked like.


Punctuality and time management are highly critical skills in today's world. While many people might claim they respect time and always show up early to work, reality can be different.

Youngsters are often taught the importance of being well-timed because time is money, and bygone moments are likely never to come back again. Nobody likes latecomers, but sometimes, people might face circumstances beyond their control.

A Little Boy in Trouble

People are encouraged to report delays in the modern-day, post-pandemic world, especially in professional settings. In this way, people can quickly get the word across regarding power interruptions or any external factors that might hamper their work progress.


Now think about a school child in a similar scenario, but unlike a grown-up, he might pay for things he can't control. In 2015, Hunter Cmelo, a student at Lincoln Elementary in Grants Pass, Oregon, found himself in trouble.

The Reason behind Hunter's Tardiness

Hunter was one of several children who got into trouble for their chronic tardiness. But what was the reason behind him being late? It turned out he was neither fond of skipping class nor did he lag in the punctuality department.


Hunter's family car was giving his mother a severe headache. The then-six-year-old boy and his then-25-year-old mother, Nicole Garloff, couldn't depend on their Dodge Durango to take them to school.

Other local shops donated new tires and a new windshield!

A Family Crisis

The SUV needed repairs and maintenance that they couldn't afford, and poor Hunter paid the price for it. Moreover, his father, Mark Cmelo, explained that his son was not to be blamed for being late, and none of it was his fault.


Hunter's mother revealed she had osteoporosis, which caused severe pain in the mornings and made it cumbersome for her to move around. The little boy couldn't take the school bus because he lived within a mile of the school. Also, he couldn't cover the distance on foot because the road was too busy.

Facing Detention

The poor child didn't like being reprimanded for his late comings, and the subsequent events took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being. Hunter's school had a policy where the student got detention after three tardies.


After coming to school late for the third time, the little boy was put in detention — an experience that deeply upset him and even moved him to tears. Luckily, his mother saw his distress, and the boy's grandmother did something about it.

A Heartbreaking Sight

Nicole may have never known what her son underwent and the nature of his punishment if she didn't visit him at lunch one day. The mother was left baffled after what she saw, and the entire episode was devastating, with her recalling:

"He was at the first table as you walk into the cafeteria, and he was just sitting there with one of those cardboard poster partitions in front of him."


The parent further lamented that her son hadn't been "tardy" that many times to deserve that type of punishment. A brokenhearted Nicole took a picture of her boy sitting alone behind a cardboard divider at a cafeteria table. Right next to him was a cup with a large letter "D" for "detention" written over it. Hunter was shunned by his teachers and segregated from his peers for being late.

The Soul-Stirring Images

The boy's grandmother, Laura Hoover, took to Facebook to protest the grotesque punishment and shared photos of her grandson staring at the cardboard wall that blocked his view of a cafe bustling with his schoolmates. Laura also stated:

"Yesterday, he was 1 minute late, and this is what his momma discovered they do to punish him!"


The heartbroken grandparent revealed that the child's school had done the same thing to him six different times, and all for something beyond his control. She felt the school was making a "mockery" of her grandchild in front of other students.

Going Viral

Meanwhile, an angry and emotionally distraught Nicole took her son home but couldn't get the vivid image out of her head. She expressed:

"My heart just broke because he was sitting there, and he just was kind of peeking around the side. I just felt terrible for him."


Soon afterward, the Facebook post went viral, and the heartwrenching photos of Hunter sitting alone at lunch tugged at people's heartstrings nationwide. The onlookers were torn by the image.

Their Community Stepped Forward

Eventually, the viral photos also grabbed the attention of a local radio personality, Bill Meyer. When the AM 1440 radio host learned about Hunter's heartwrenching story, something compelled him to help fix the problem.

Many people were outraged after discovering what the schoolboy endured, so the community decided to step forward. Meyer's campaign and the business community's joint efforts brought an incredibly heartwarming surprise for Hunter and his family!


The family's Durango was said to be too damaged to repair, leading Rapid Repo and Collections and other local businesses to donate a refurbished 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan! Other local shops donated new tires and a new windshield!

A Heartwarming Surprise

Kelly's Automotive Service, who repaired the van, gave the family free oil changes and $100 in free gas for a year! An entire village came together to help little Hunter reach school on time so he didn't have to endure the horrendous detention.

The Oregon family was blown away by the community's help and extended heartfelt gratitude to everyone who eased their troubles. Most importantly, the new van served its purpose, and Hunter was always on time for school again! Nicole shared:

"We were so shocked, it doesn't seem real. We're so thankful to all the people in our community that have just been so supportive."


Taking Corrective Action and People's Reactions to Hunter's Story

Fortunately, the online outrage left a positive impression on School Superintendent John Higgens, who changed the policy for students who were tardy four or more times. He said they would catch up on work in a private space alongside their teacher's support.

Students wearing backpacks while walking into a school | Source: Pexels

Students wearing backpacks while walking into a school | Source: Pexels

On March 10, 2015, WSYX ABC 6 shared a Facebook post detailing Hunter's story and how his community assisted him and his family. Social media users rushed to the comment section to leave their opinions. The same thing happened when the New York Daily News also covered the little boy's story and shared it on their Facebook page.

User comments dated March 10, 2015 | Source: Facebook/WSYX ABC 6

User comments dated March 10, 2015 | Source: Facebook/WSYX ABC 6

User comments dated February 27, 2015 | Source: Facebook/New York Daily News

User comments dated February 27, 2015 | Source: Facebook/New York Daily News

This eye-opening story teaches us that instead of focusing on people's shortcomings, we should be empathetic and try to understand them. Sometimes, replacing indifference and punishment with kindness and compassion can make a difference in someone's life.

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