Elderly Woman Devastated at Tragic Loss of Her Only Son Gives Birth to Another Baby at 62

Dayna Remus
Apr 22, 2022
04:00 P.M.

Many children dream of having kids when they grow up. So, it is an unbearable pain when their children are ripped away from them. One woman chose to have a baby after losing her son. But, due to her age, she was attacked from every corner.


It is wise to live life on our own terms for the most part. But, as many of us know, sometimes our decisions can stir the pot, whether it be with friends, family, or our wider community.

An elderly woman Rosanna Della Corte from Italy went through this type of experience where her controversial choice was vilified. But, in her case, her entire country and the Catholic church came down on her.


Corte's decision stemmed from a traumatic experience when her 17-year-old son passed away in a motorbike accident. She remembered:

"When he died, no one could console me. I wanted to die. I had the key to the cemetery and would go to his grave at three or four in the morning and scream and curse God."

This left an empty space inside her where her son used to be. She felt that the only way to fill this void was to have another child, but this proved challenging.



Because of their ages, she and her husband Mauro were constantly sent away from one orphanage to another. In her own words, Corte said:

"I went to so many orphanages, pleading with them to give me a baby, but they all told me no."

Realizing this path was not going to work, they chose to take the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) route and give birth to their child.



Corte gave birth to her new baby on July 18, 1994, when she was 63 years old. His parents decided to name him Riccardo after his late older brother. The mom expressed:

"I wanted to keep his name alive."

This mother didn't know that her decision to have a child at such an elderly age would face wide-reaching implications.



The whole of Italy and the Vatican went into an uproar, with the Catholic city-state referring to it as an insult to God. Instead, Corte opposed:

"The way I see it is that God took a child from me, but then God gave me another child."

The country also responded with calls for banning IVF availability for those who had already experienced menopause. In her opinion on the matter, Corte believes if the case is similar to hers, then it is okay. But, she believes there are certain cases where older women should not have children.



Riccardo will be inheriting a bright future with his father owning over 100 overseas acres of vineyards, olive trees, and grain. While the mother is pleased and loves her son, she has experienced mixed feelings. She expressed:

"I didn't want to think of these things, but now, every so often, I do think of them. I think, 'Did I make a mistake, did I do wrong?' Then I see him smiling, playing, and I know I did right."

Both parents claimed they are ready and willing to watch their little boy grow up into a man, with Corte stating, "I still feel strong," she says. "I want to go on. I don't feel old."



Either way, at least they got to watch their little boy growing up, who not only heals the pain from their past son but brings them a joy that emanates from him and only him. As his mom said:

"Riccardo is the most beautiful and intelligent child in the village, and he tells me I am the most beautiful mother in the world."

If we can learn anything from this story, it is that sometimes life can be cruel. But, at the same time, we should not give up hope, as there could be something amazing waiting for us around the corner.



One woman, Maree Arnold, who had also gone through menopause, chose to have a baby. But, this was not to give birth to her own baby but to her daughter's.

Fifty-four-year Maree Arnold's daughter has a disorder called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH). This means she has no uterus and so can not conceive children.

She could, however, use a surrogate, and after many failed attempts with several other women, her 54-year-old mother chose to carry the child.

When the time came for the little one to come into the world, the doctors performed a C-section. It was an easy birth and only took two hours.

Corte's profound grief over her son's death and the lengths she went to help herself heal, and Arnold's readiness to carry her daughter's baby, prove the depths of a mother's love.

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