Officers Claim They Heard Adult Voice Calling For Help from Car Where Only a Toddler Was Trapped Alive

Dayna Remus
Apr 26, 2022
11:30 A.M.
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Police officers experienced something that still, to this day, they can not explain. Either way, it led them to a vulnerable baby desperately in need of help. Hopefully, they weren't too late. 


Most of us go about our daily lives, perfectly used to the reality that we see, smell, touch, taste, and of course, hear every day. But, in some rare cases, some of us have come across a phenomenon that can't be explained.

In 2015, police officers had one of these similar and semi-spooky incidences to which they insisted they did not imagine it. It led to a jaw-dropping discovery followed by unsolved questions, whether or not it was real. 

Utah police officers. | Source:



In 2015 in Utah, local police officers came across the strangest phenomena after a fisherman called in from the Spanish Fork River. He noticed a car in the water. 

Firefighters and four police officers arrived at the scene as quickly as possible, jumping into the cold water, leaving some of them with hypothermia afterward. 

Once they got to the red Dodge sedan, they found a woman that would later be identified as a 25-year-old mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck.

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While Groesbeck had passed away tragically, the officers claimed they all heard a calm adult voice coming from the vehicle. One of the officers, Tyler Beddoes, purportedly remembered

"Someone said, 'help me’ inside that car." 

This voice was said to have directed the men to push the car upright, which they did with unfounded superhuman strength


Here, they found the woman's unconscious baby girl in the backseat. She was still breathing, even after being stuck there for more than 14 hours with nothing to eat or drink.

She had also been hanging upside down for that entire period while wearing nothing but a onesie made out of flannel.



Beddoes, disconcerted by what he had just experienced, was worried that he might have been hearing things. So, he asked his fellow police officers who were at the scene if they had experienced the same, and they said yes. Another officer, Jared Warner,  expressed to KSL: 

"[It] wasn't just in our heads. To me, it was plain as day. I remember hearing a voice that didn't sound like a child, just saying 'help me.'"

Beddoes said he was so overwhelmed by what had happened that he hadn't slept for two nights. Instead, he spent that time trying to understand what they had heard. He pegged it as a miraculous event and said it could be nothing but an angel. 



The 18-month-old named Lily Groesbeck was bruised but made a remarkable recovery, according to 34-year-old Deven Trafny, the father of the little girl. The dad said

"I'm just really blessed, and I'm glad to have my daughter here with me. I'm overwhelmed with joy right now. She's just a miracle to me."

After her quick recovery, Lily was released into the custody of her late mother's parents. She was already singing nursery rhymes at this point. She was unaware of the bittersweet and unfathomable incident she was just involved in. 



Could it be that rather than an angel, a mother's love can transcend from one world to another -- to the point where it can inspire men to enact borderline impossible feats?  

While she was in complete awe, her kids were unfazed.

Whether an angel or a mother, whether paranormal or not, miracles do not necessarily need to come from a plane separate from where we are now. While the mother's death is tragic, Lily's survival is nothing short of a miracle. 



This incident with Lily was particularly mysterious. But, people tend to find miracles everywhere they look, from winning a small prize to meeting a person who introduces them to the love of their lives. 

When it came to Sara Gruver, her faith was restored by prayers and a surprise on her doorstep. This happened when the mom was heading home after buying groceries and only had $20.00 left in her pocket. 

Unaware of this problem, her kids were begging for ice cream. Sadly they were disappointed when their mother said no. The children pleaded and cried and then began to pray. 



Gruver, irritated, told her kids that God has more important issues to worry about. But, when she came home, something happened that made her swallow her words. 

On her front porch, there was an envelope with $123.00. This was leftover money from her student loans that she had overpaid. While she was in complete awe, her kids were unfazed by the appearance of the money. 

When thinking about these incidents, whether it be the police officers' voice they heard or the money Gruver found, there are usually two types of people -- skeptics or believers. Which one are you, and why? 

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