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Mom Gives Birth to Baby Looking like a 2-Year-Old after Noticing Her Belly Is Different from Previous Pregnancy

Dayna Remus
Apr 28, 2022
04:00 P.M.

One obstetrician thought she had seen everything there was to see when it came to delivering babies. But, in 2017, she encountered another first. This incident left her in awe.


Before the birth of baby Carleigh in May of 2017, a then-29-year-old Chrissy Corbitt and her then-38-year-old husband Larry Corbit were already parents to four kids.

Chrissy had gestational diabetes in her fifth pregnancy, which means the child can be born at a heavier weight. Suffice it to say, all of her four children weighed around nine to ten pounds -- hefty, but nothing beyond belief.

Carleigh. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Carleigh. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


Now in her fifth pregnancy, this mother was experiencing gestational diabetes and suffering from anemia.

When she caught her first glance at Carleigh, she was astonished.


She also had a larger belly than in her previous four pregnancies. But, none of this struck anyone as abnormal. However, everyone was in for a huge surprise... literally.


This surprise was the arrival of baby Carleigh. She was delivered earlier than expected on May 15, 2017, at Orange Park Medical Center in Florida. As the doctor performed a C-section, they had a strange reaction. Chrissy remembered:


"When the doctor was pulling her out of me, I just start hearing them all laughing and excited in the operating room. [sic]"

But, she and her husband could not tell what was happening as the blankets used for the C-section blocked their view.

Larry Corbitt. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Larry Corbitt. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


Due to the baby's weight, the doctors thought that Chrissy was delivering twins. She recollected her thought process on that day, saying:

"I remember the doctor saying, 'I don't think this baby is going to end. Are there two of them?'"

Shockingly, it was not two newborns but rather a huge infant. Initially, this was no surprise for the mother as all her babies had been bigger than usual. But, when she caught her first glance at Carleigh, she was astonished.

Chrissy Corbitt with Carleigh in the hospital after she had just given birth to her. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Chrissy Corbitt with Carleigh in the hospital after she had just given birth to her. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

The baby came into this world weighing 13 pounds, 5 ounces, with the mother expressing that she "looked like a two-year-old." This baby was the largest newborn her obstetrician had ever delivered. Chrissy remembered:

"When the pediatrician showed her to me across the curtain, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's huge'...I couldn't believe it. It was like I delivered a toddler."

The father said that they had to get in contact with Pampers with the hope of exchanging diapers because none of them would fit. On top of that, the little girl's clothes were much too small for her.

A picture of Carleigh taken by Sweet Smiles Photography. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

A picture of Carleigh taken by Sweet Smiles Photography. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition



Of course, the mom and dad were fascinated with their sizable newborn. Chrissy spoke about how Carleigh constantly smiles, saying that she "...can't get enough of her." The mother commented:

"Her cheeks were so chunky, and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course."

But, these parents were not the only ones obsessed with their newborn baby girl -- a media storm surrounded Carleigh as she became an overnight celebrity and online sensation.

Carleigh in the hospital. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Carleigh in the hospital. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Following all this frenzy, the parents eventually returned home, where they could enjoy their adorable newborn with the rest of the family in peace. This retreat was a relief for Chrissy, who previously stated:


"The hospital director flew in to meet us, and all the local news stations are coming to the hospital...I'm not used to this stuff. It's overwhelming."

Larry reported that his wife and newborn were doing well. He also complimented his other half on everything she went through to carry and give birth to their adorable daughter. He revealed that they had donated all the clothes that would not fit Carleigh to the church.

Chrissy and Larry Corbit with all four of their children. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Chrissy and Larry Corbit with all four of their children. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


But, this baby's weight does not define her. Carleigh is like any other newborn, with parents who love her immensely. As this is their fourth child, they are not intending on having anymore. Larry jokingly said:



We went out with a bang

...This is our last kid. My wife had her tubes tied, so this is going to be it for us."

His wife agreed with him, stating, "That's enough for me." Of course, any parent can understand this where even one child can be a lot of work.

Chrissy Corbitt and Carleigh. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Chrissy Corbitt and Carleigh. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

But, this "work" stems from the unconditional love moms and dads have for their kids. Carleigh is likely being showered with this love every second of every day.



As Chrissy and Larry would probably agree, raising five kids is arduous. Yet there are people out there who manage to raise many more. Alexis and Davie Brett had ten children and were now waiting on the 11th.

Like Chrissy and Larry, this next child differed from their first few. All ten children they had were boys, so they expected the next one to be a boy as well. But, to their surprise and delight, they were going to have a daughter this time.

Alexis, the mom, said she would have been just as happy had it been another boy. But, the mom admitted she was pleased she would not be the only female in the household once her baby girl arrived.



At the same time, the mother stated she was nervous about having a girl. This anxiety stemmed from the fact that she was only used to looking after boys. Eventually, little Cameron was born, and as most big brothers do, the boys helped nurture their baby sister, hopefully easing Alexis' apprehension.

Some moms and dads have expectations of how they want their children to be born, especially regarding sex or gender.

But, children are a gift, whether they're a boy or a girl, if they are big or small -- parents should always love them unconditionally.

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