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Man Deprives Grandson of 6 Figure Inheritance - Grandson Decides to Lie to Keep It

Salwa Nadeem
May 02, 2022
07:20 P.M.
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A man visited his grandfather, who told him that he had excluded him as his grandson from his million-dollar will because of his lifestyle choices. Immediately, the man lied to his grandfather in hopes of getting a share in the inheritance. 


His parents and brother were puzzled after hearing his statement, but they didn't say anything. They expressed their concerns after reaching home. 

They felt he shouldn't have lied to his grandfather. His brother thought he was going against his values by lying about a sensitive topic. 

The man immediately lied to his grandfather hoping he would get the money. | Source: Unsplash


Before jumping to the main story, the 26-year-old man narrated a backstory. He revealed that his grandfather used to work in the government at a high-paying job. By the time he retired, he had saved millions of dollars. 

The man didn't reveal how much money his grandfather had saved, but he said he had enough money to give a million dollars each to his children and grandchildren as an inheritance.

Following his grandmother's death, his grandfather remarried a religious woman who asked him to convert before they tied the knot. Everyone in the family had noticed that he had seen a massive change in his religious preferences after he married her. 


His grandfather had a high-paying job when he was younger. | Source: Unsplash

However, he hadn't hurt anyone's sentiments until now. The man recalled what happened when he visited his grandfather with his family. 


He was shocked to know that his grandfather was aware of his sexual orientation.

They were discussing deadly diseases when his grandfather started talking about his will. He paused for a bit and then turned towards the man, saying he had been looking forward to telling him something regarding his inheritance. 

"I have decided not to include you in my will because of your lifestyle choices," his grandfather said sternly. He looked at him with eyes wide open while his parents started protesting. 

His grandfather remarried after his grandmother's death. | Source: Pexels


What his grandfather meant by "lifestyle choices" was his sexual orientation. He had come out as gay when he was in middle school, and his parents supported him. However, his extended family didn't know anything about it.

He never wanted to hide it, but he never felt the need to inform everyone about it. He was shocked to know that his grandfather was aware of his sexual orientation.

While his parents were defending him, he interrupted them and told his grandfather that he also wanted to tell him about something for a long time. 

His grandfather said he would exclude him from the will. | Source: Pexels


He announced that he had been reconsidering his decision of liking men, and his grandfather's decision pushed him to change his sexual orientation. 

As he announced, he could see his grandfather had started smiling, while his parents and brother stared at him in shock.

While they drove home, he told his parents and brother that he had lied to his grandfather because he couldn't afford to lose a million dollars. 

He told everyone he had reconsidered his lifestyle choices. | Source: Pexels


His parents weren't happy about his decision, but they didn't say anything. On the other hand, his brother was livid and thought the man shouldn't have lied about such a sensitive topic. 

In his defense, the man said he only had to see his extended family a couple of times a year, so pretending that he was straight wouldn't be a problem. 

However, when his brother said he was hurting the sentiments of the gay community in exchange for a million dollars, he started doubting his decision. 

His brother was against his decision. | Source: Pexels


The man wrote a Reddit post and asked other users if he had made a greedy move. He didn't want to pretend he was straight if it meant he was demeaning other gay people. 

"NTA. People have done much worse for money," Redditor WaXXinDatA55 stated, assuring the man he wasn't doing anything wrong. 

Redditor BrettTheShitmanShart urged the man to pretend he was straight and get the inheritance money from his grandfather because he could do a lot of good things with it. 

Moat Redditors agreed the man was not at fault for lying to his grandfather about his orientation. They encouraged him to get his share in the inheritance, even if he had to lie about a sensitive topic. 


He asked other Redditors if he had done the wrong thing. | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think he did the right thing by lying about his sexual orientation?


Some people might agree with what his brother said. They might think he was "doing a disservice" to other gay men by pretending to be straight. However, other people might think his grandfather was at fault for excluding him from the will based on his lifestyle choices, so he made the right decision to lie about it. Who do you think is right? 

Do you think the man was greedy for money?

To some people, it might seem like the man was greedy for money because he was ready to lie about a sensitive topic. It seemed like he didn't care about the sentiments of other gay people because his eyes were on the million dollars he would inherit from his grandfather. What do you think?

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