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Daughter Tells Father About Mother Mocking Her, so Man Decides to Kick Her Out of the House

Salwa Nadeem
May 04, 2022
05:20 A.M.
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After years of mistreatment from her mother's side, a girl felt she was unwanted. Her resentment had bottled up inside her until she decided to open up before her father one day.


When she told her father everything her mother had done to her, he was furious. He could have never imagined hurting his daughter as his wife had done. 

At that point, he made a difficult decision that changed her mother's life forever. The girl opened up on Reddit about her traumatic past and what her father did when he discovered the truth.

A woman mistreated her daughter. | Source: Unsplash


Before revealing the main story, Redditor starrylightmore shared some insights about her childhood. She had an elder brother who her stay-at-home mother loved dearly.

She always felt her mother loved her brother more than her and never scolded him even when she knew he had done something wrong. The discrimination had instilled resentment in the girl since she was a child. 

She recalled falling down the stairs once and breaking the baby gate on impact. When her mother heard her cry, she came running and checked the gate instead of worrying about her. Thus, the little girl felt unimportant in her mother's eyes. 

She fell down the stairs but her mother wasn't worried about her. | Source: Unsplash


Later, her mother scolded her for falling because she feared her husband would blame her for neglecting their daughter.  At the time, the girl didn't understand why her mother scolded her. She only realized it later after growing up and thinking about her past traumas. 

She only wished to be loved by her mother, not knowing that her wish would never come true.

She also recalled that her mother never picked her up from school on time as she did her brother. Since the girl had extra classes, she had to stay back while her brother's classes were dismissed earlier. But instead of coming to the school to pick her up later, her mother would go to the salon to pamper herself. The girl would wait for hours before her mother came to pick her up and she wouldn't feel guilty about it.


Her mother never picked her up on time after school. | Source: Unsplash

When her father learned about this, he appointed a driver to pick up the children from school and drop them at home. Behind his back, though, her mother would ask the driver to take her to salons and shopping malls instead of letting him pick up the children. The girl didn't tell her father about this.


As a child, the girl knew her parents were not on good terms. She would often see them fighting like animals, throwing things at each other, and shouting insults. Meanwhile, her mother would blame her for their fights and say that she only liked her son.

The woman got her manicure done instead of picking up her daughter from school. | Source: Unsplash


After hearing her mother's words, the little girl cried by herself, wondering why her mother disliked her so much. She only wished to be loved by her mother, not knowing that her wish would never come true.

One day, her mother came into her room to sleep with her on her bed. When she asked her why, her mother said that her father was "disgusting" and she didn't want to sleep next to him. This went on for a few years, and every night, her mother would talk to a man on the phone, telling him how much she loved him. 

After some time, her father realized that things were going southward, and he had to control everything before it was too late. Since his wife was spending extravagantly, he immediately stopped giving her money. This offended her, so she left the house and stayed at her parents' place. 


Her parents were mostly fighting. | Source: Pexels

"From that, I realized how toxic my mother was and how she brainwashed me to hate my dad," the girl stated. She had never shared anything with her father because of her mother. Not even about the time she got bullied when she was 7.


After her mother left, she told her father about it and saw him cry. He hugged her and asked her why she never opened up about it before. She told him she thought he wouldn't care because her mother never did. 

That day, the girl developed a strong bond with her father. She recalled that her mother visited her multiple times every year and showered her with fake love, trying to prove to everyone how much she loved her. 

She realized her mother had brainwashed her. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, her mother's side of the family criticized her for not being the best daughter, despite her mother trying to raise her in the best way possible. 

Moreover, whenever someone praised her in front of her mother, the woman would get jealous. The girl thought her mother was a narcissist, making her life miserable. 

After tolerating her rude behavior for years, the girl finally decided to tell her father about everything. When she asked him to divorce her mother, he said he wouldn't because his children needed their mother. 

She decided to ask her father to divorce her mother. | Source: Pexels


Once the girl told him that she never cared about her children, he took no time to contact the lawyer and file for child custody. He was shocked because his wife always pretended to love the children more than anything.

At the time of the divorce, her mother said she didn't need her children and happily went to her parents' house. Within a few years, her parents' business went downhill because their children had been feeding on their wealth. As of now, the girl's mother is married to another man, and she often calls her to invite her for dinner.

"The tables have turned," the girl wrote, "Now she's the one begging me, and I don't care about her anymore." She concluded her Reddit post by telling everyone that she liked living without her mother.


Her mother often called her but she wasn't interested in meeting her. | Source: Unsplash

"Your mother got what she deserved! You are free to live your best life with your dad!" Redditor GoblinKaiserin stated


The user asked OP (Original Poster) about her brother, to which she replied that he was enjoying his life because her mother treated him like a royal. She never lets him do anything and pampers him with love and care. 

Most Redditors felt happy for the girl for raising her voice against her mother's toxic behavior. They were also relieved that her father divorced the woman. 

She was happy to live without her mother. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Should OP forgive her mother?

After staying with her parents and marrying another man, the woman realized she had lost the chance to build a meaningful relationship with her daughter. She kept asking her daughter to meet her, but she refused because she resented her. Do you think the girl should forgive her mother?

Do you think her father was at fault?

For years, the man was oblivious to what his wife was doing with his daughter behind his back. It seemed like he didn't make an effort to build a relationship with the little girl. His business kept him occupied, and he didn't like talking to his wife because of her behavior. Do you think he should have tried to connect with his daughter when she was a child?

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