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60-Year-Old Mom Lies about Her Age to Give Birth to Twins, Gets Called Crazy by Her Older Son

Ayesha Muhammad
May 19, 2022
10:40 P.M.

An older U.S. woman claimed she felt the urge to have more kids for her beloved husband. It turned out that the couple left no stone unturned to embrace parenthood, and the elderly lady revealed surprising details about her journey years later.


Having a loving, caring, and supportive family to come home to is priceless. However, it's easier said than done. Sometimes, couples might have to undergo challenging circumstances to complete their family and experience parental bliss.

Other times, children might have difficulty finding a permanent home where they are valued and appreciated. Regardless, there may be instances where couples might feel the need to expand their family and do things the "unconventional" way.

Frieda Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

Frieda Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

It's important to know that families come in all sizes, making them beautiful and unique. What works for one person might not be true for someone else, so it's best to practice kindness, acceptance, and empathy in our daily lives.


Today's story revolves around a woman who went on to defy the odds by taking the path that brought infinite joy, coupled with reported criticism her way.


Frieda and Ken Birnbaum were a happily married couple. Like most couples, they were eager to start a family and live in a home that was filled with children's cackles. They welcomed their first child, a son named Jaeson, when Frieda was 26.

Ken Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

Ken Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

Four years after their first baby, Frieda gave birth to their second child, Alana. The Birnbaums enjoyed raising their little ones and reveled in the joy of seeing them grow up and accomplish their milestones.


In 2016, the then-69-year-old Frieda was interviewed about her career as a research psychologist, therapist, and media celebrity.

But by the time their children were all grown up, the couple from New Jersey said they became empty-nesters and didn't like it.

Ken and Frieda Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News

Ken and Frieda Birnbaum. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News


Frieda noted that as she advanced in age, her motherly instincts heightened, and she couldn't control them. She told ABC News:

"I had this biological urge that couldn't be stopped. When I saw a baby, I just wanted to take that baby away and run. You know, hold it and hug it. As you get older, I've found I have more of an urge to have children than when I was younger."


When she hit her 40s, Frieda said she conceived naturally but had a miscarriage. Then, she resorted to IVF, revealing no details about whether she used her eggs or donor eggs. At 53, she delivered her third child, Ari.


Ken, who was delighted to become a father again, mentioned that it was a wonderful experience, and if he had the option, he would do it all over again. Shortly afterward, the couple decided to pursue IVF again when Frieda was in her late 50s.


However, things didn't go as planned because the doctors in the U.S. reportedly declined to perform the procedure because of Frieda's age. Per the Birnbaums, the medics weren't the only ones voicing disapproval. Frieda recalled:

"Jaeson [her oldest son] was angry at me. He said we were crazy."

The New Jersey woman explained that her oldest son had a family of his own then and straight away disapproved of the idea. Nonetheless, the couple stated that they went all the way to South Africa to make things work.


Resultantly, Frieda got pregnant with twins at 59, with the help of a clinic in South Africa, where she said the doctors seemed less concerned about her age. When asked, the woman confessed she wasn't asked for an ID and may have told the doctors she was younger than she was.


The couple's IVF treatment was successful, and in 2007, Frieda became the oldest American woman to give birth to twins Josh and Jarrett. When inquired about why she chose to have more children at a later stage in life, she expressed:


"I had children for my husband... call me stupid. I did it because he said 'try it.'"

Meanwhile, the couple's third-born, Ari, shared in 2012 that his parents didn't have enough energy for him and his younger brothers. But despite the lack of enthusiasm from her loved ones, Frieda revealed she felt more energetic at her age than she did in her 20s.

Several medical experts were said to have expressed their concern over Frieda's case, including Dr. Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania. He spoke to ABC News:


"The central question is what can we do to ensure the best interests of the children. And if you're going to be entering a nursing home when your child is entering junior high school, I think that's trouble."


Frieda wrote a book about her unusual motherhood experience, "Life Begins at 60." In 2016, the then-69-year-old Frieda was interviewed about her career as a research psychologist, therapist, and media celebrity.


When asked why she wanted to have kids at 60 when most women became grandmothers, she said she felt her third-born son would be more connected to a sibling closer to his age. After encouragement from her husband, she decided to go forward with the process.

The author was then asked if she was concerned from a biological perspective about not revealing her correct age, to which she replied that she was living longer and younger and saw it becoming the new normal.


In response to another question, Frieda answered that the most challenging part of being a mother at 60 was other people. When asked what other people said to her about her decision, she recollected:

"The first thing is, is this your second husband? Is he a younger man? Is this not selfish of you? I would answer that it is selfless. I could be enjoying my time. I had my career, I had my family, I did more than most."


Moreover, Frieda admitted to being exhausted at the end of the day but confessed she enjoyed her journey. She added that her passion and enthusiasm represented her, not her age.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you support Frieda and Ken's decision to have kids later in life?

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