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Little Boy Is Put in a Box as Punishment by School for over a Month — Outraged Mom Finds Out

Ayesha Muhammad
May 28, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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When a mother enrolled her son in a new school, she hoped that the institution would provide him with a safe learning environment. Even the teachers told her that her child was being good until she discovered something incredibly shocking one day.


Education is every child's fundamental right. In addition to learning about different subject areas, kids learn several life-changing lessons within the safe walls of their school. They get a chance to make new friends, get acquainted with their talents, and build on their abilities.

Often, a school is referred to as a "child's second home" because that's where children spend a significant part of their childhood. But imagine a kid being reportedly exposed to the worst possible conditions within a school, a place that's supposed to be their sanctuary.

The Alhambra Elementary School in Madison County, Illinois. | Source: youtube.com/Kelley Hoskins Journalist St. Louis



Something similar happened with a U.S. mother when she was taken by complete surprise and rendered speechless after an unexpected discovery. Melody Haller was a mother to a little boy whom she loved wholeheartedly.

In 2016, she enrolled her then-eight-year-old son in a new school and sincerely hoped that he would have a wholesome learning experience. Her little boy was a second-grader at the time at the Alhambra Elementary School in Madison County, Illinois.

Melody Haller. | Source: youtube.com/Belleville News-Democrat



However, after just three months of attending the school, Haller said she found something shocking and painful. It turned out that her little one's school experience was completely opposite to her heartfelt wishes.

She claimed that she was never informed by the school authorities that her son was in trouble, and would have never discovered anything if she didn't visit the school.

The Illinois mother became furious when she learned about the school staff's alleged behavior toward her son, which she claimed was intense and outside the normal discipline scope.



Haller said she learned from her son and other people that he was being severely punished. She stated that she witnessed her son's grave punishment technique after visiting his school.

The disgruntled mom said she decided to visit the school after learning that her sweet boy was separated from the rest of his classmates by a box placed around him.



When she went to the school and asked them to show her the box, the faculty members took her to the gym, where it had been taken down. Haller claimed that her child was boxed for over a month. She also said:

"Once I started getting more info, I found out that it was the principal who actually set this box up for my child."

Haller mentioned that the school principal denied placing her son in the box. The disgruntled mom said that she repeatedly emailed the teachers regarding her son's progress, but they told her he was being good and that she didn't need to worry.



The Illinois resident claimed that she saw her boy's desk placed away from the other pupils and could tell he was cordoned off from the rest of the class. Haller claimed that the boxed wall was put around him for eight hours a day for over a month.

She said her son told her that he finished his lunch in the principal's office and sometimes had no recess. The aggrieved mother revealed that her boy was made to clean walls and water fountains during his lunch break.


Haller revealed that before she learned about the harrowing incident, her son's grades were improving. However, she said she saw his progress decline and a sudden change in his attitude. She remembered:

"I believe it's been very damaging to my child. His attitude toward school has changed. '[He says] I want to be at the school no more.'"



The then-second-grader's mom said the box was taken down after other parents notified the school district's superintendent about what was happening. Haller told FOX2 that her boy was disciplined for talking in class by being placed in a box and isolated from other students.

Haller voiced her concerns and stated that the school's tactics were highly inappropriate and ruined her child's life. She claimed that the school authorities never informed her that her son was in trouble and she would have never discovered anything if she didn't visit the school.



She said she didn't intend for her son to continue his education at such an institution but also wished to raise awareness about the issue. Hence, other parents knew the kind of environment their kids were exposed to in school.

Per FOX2, the school district issued a statement regarding the Illinois mother's allegations, a part of which read:

"We are investigating every aspect of the concerns and will take the appropriate action once we conclude our investigation."

According to Daily Mail, Haller planned on taking legal action against the school. What are your thoughts after reading this story?

Do you think the school's punishment tactic was justified or was the mother right in sharing her grievances? Please share this story with your loved ones.


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