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Mom Gives Birth to Daughter after 47-Hour Labor – Doctor Says There's One More Baby

Salwa Nadeem
May 26, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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While lying on the hospital bed, first-time mother Nicole Ziesemer felt relieved after seeing her baby girl. She panicked a few moments later when the doctors said they could see something else inside her.


Having a child is one of the most joyous experiences for most people. It is something that some people look forward to all their lives.

Sometimes, having a baby comes as a surprise to first-time mothers. While some women get surprised by the experience, others are shocked when the doctors tell them they see two babies instead of one.



Nicole Ziesemer and Matt met online in 2012, after which they decided to get married. In 2017, the Michigan couple discovered they would become first-time parents.

When Nicole got pregnant, she decided to keep everything natural and avoided going for ultrasounds. She had planned to deliver the baby at her house under her midwife's supervision.

However, Nicole had to rush to the hospital with her husband in her 36th week when her water broke unexpectedly. The midwife did an ultrasound scan and told Nicole she had one baby in her womb.



Nicole had to bear labor pains for almost 47 hours before she opted for an epidural. She saw her daughter, Blakeley, two hours later for the first time, weighing 4 pounds, 4 ounces.

The doctor suspected she had seen another head inside Nicole, so she did an emergency ultrasound scan on her.

Meanwhile, the doctors were shocked to see that Nicole's pain hadn't subsided. She still felt uncomfortable, but they couldn't understand the reason behind it.



Despite her unexplained agony, the doctors decided to stitch her up. As they were preparing for it, they told Nicole there was "something else" inside her. Nicole recalled:

"We thought she was joking and she was like, 'I don't lie about these things.'"

The doctor suspected she had seen another head inside Nicole, so she did an emergency ultrasound scan on her. To her surprise, there was another baby inside Nicole.



Nicole gave birth to her unexpected baby boy, Cade, almost an hour later, weighing 5 pounds. She had no idea she would give birth to twins throughout her pregnancy.

Since Cade had difficulty breathing, the doctors took him to another hospital. Matt stayed with him while Nicole was with Blakeley until they recovered. Nicole recalled:

"We were still reeling from the shock and just trying to get our heads around it all."



The most surprising part about this incident was the ultrasound scan result. The doctor only saw one baby inside Nicole's womb despite the presence of two. She recalled what the doctors said:

"They think that Cade must have been hiding right behind his sister."

After the hospital allowed Nicole and Matt to go home, they bought the same baby equipment for their unexpected baby as they did for Blakeley.

Do you think women should go for prenatal scans? Or should they go for natural birth without the involvement of ultrasounds?

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