Man Buys Storage Unit for $500 – Finds Safe inside and Is Offered $1.2 Million for Its Content

Ayesha Muhammad
May 28, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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When a man bought a storage unit, he never thought how life-changing the experience would be. The container came with a safe that held a large fortune inside, to his complete astonishment. What do you think the man did next?


Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, we are busy with our everyday life when something extraordinary happens, leaving us at a serious loss for words. While surprises may not always be pleasant, they can be anything from soul-ripping to life-changing.

The story we're sharing with you today centers around a similar theme and might leave you in complete awe and shock once you're done reading it. It's the story of a mundane purchase that led to a lovely surprise.

Dan Dotson. | Source: youtube.com/Dan & Laura Dotson


An unnamed man, who was said to have bought a storage unit, was shocked when he opened it. He reportedly found a hidden safe inside, which came stuffed with a whopping sum of money.


The seemingly exciting story was shared in November 2018 by "Storage Wars" TV Show star Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura Dotson. The couple related the mind-boggling incident on social media, leaving netizens utterly awe-struck.

White storage units placed in the basement. | Source: shutterstock


Dan recalled that a woman came over to him while he was at the Cars, Stars, and Rock N' Roll charity auction event in Indio, California, and said she had something to tell him. The TV star said he instantly became curious to hear the woman's story.

He revealed that the storage space was auctioned off because the original owners failed to pay for their unit's rental fees.

An indoor storage unit with open door and household goods inside. | Source: shutterstock



Describing the woman's conversation with him, Dan explained:

"She said, 'My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you for $500 and it had a safe in it. The first person that they called to open the safe couldn't, or didn't.'"



The auctioneer mentioned that after the first person failed to open the safe, the unnamed man called a second locksmith, who surprisingly succeeded in cracking open the safe. He added:

"Inside the safe—normally they're empty—but this time it wasn't empty. It had $7.5 million dollars cash inside the safe."

Soon after the grand discovery, the new owner was contacted by an attorney representing the container's original owner.



Dan said the woman claimed that the new owner was offered a $600,000 reward, which he declined. Then, the second offer of $1.2 million was reportedly made in exchange for returning $6.3 million of the find, which the man accepted.

Dotson and Laura later debated what they would do if they stumbled upon a massive sum of money. Laura said there could be issues with finding a safe hiding millions of dollars. She expressed:

"I'd feel so worried. I don't feel like it'd be clean money. If they were offering it to me then, I would say alright then, they washed it, they made it clean and I'll accept that $1.2 million."



On the contrary, Dan admitted he "wouldn't ask a thing" about the $1.2 million offer. He said that while $7.5 million was a considerable sum of money, it was also "a lot of running."

He revealed that the storage space was auctioned off because the original owners failed to pay for their unit's rental fees. Laura confessed that the enormous find was astonishing but not uncommon. She chimed:

"They moved away, perhaps a person went to jail. Who knows what it was? But you know, it happens all the time. This is the modern-day treasure hunt."



The "Storage Wars" star and his wife did not reveal the identities of the lucky bargain hunter or the woman who told them the story. Dotson also didn't disclose when or where the storage unit was bought.

Several other intriguing elements of the story left netizens second-guessing and piqued their curiosity. The Dotsons also said nothing about the storage unit's original owner or where the cash came from.

What would you do if you found such an enormous sum of money? Would you try to find the original owner, keep the money, or put it to some other use? If you liked reading this story, please share it with your family and friends.