Man Finds Wallet Lost for 50 Years — Recognizes the Person on a Photo Inside

Ayesha Muhammad
May 27, 2022
12:00 A.M.

While rummaging through the contents of a deserted storage unit, a man stumbled upon an old wallet. When he looked inside the wallet, he found a stack of old photos. Did he know the person in the pictures?


Life is never a smooth road. It has its ups and downs, making it all the more exciting. Not all challenges might be pleasant, but going through exciting and unpredictable scenarios does contribute to teaching us life-altering lessons.

Some people live for adventures, while others might unexpectedly find themselves in surprising situations. Regardless of which category one might fall into, it's essential to understand that being alive is a beautiful gift, and one should always try to live their life to the fullest.

Anton Lulgjuraj. | Source: youtube.com/NBC News

Anton Lulgjuraj. | Source: youtube.com/NBC News

The story we're sharing today revolves around the beauty of coincidence and how an accidental find brought about the most heartwarming reaction.



In 2018, a treasure hunter, Anton Lulgjuraj, was present at an auction in Putnam County, New York. After going through the various items on display, he decided to purchase the contents of a deserted unit at Life Storage in Brewster. Lulgjuraj, a married man and a father of two daughters and a son, delightfully took the contents home.

One day, while perusing a dusty box, Lulgjuraj said he found something that piqued his curiosity. It turned out that he had discovered an old wallet belonging to someone he didn't know, at least for some time.



The man said he opened the wallet and found a 1966 California driver's license, but the person in the picture didn't ring any bells. Moreover, he mentioned that he also came across a stack of personal and family photographs.

Lulgjuraj said it was a mystery how the wallet ended up in the storage unit filled with the belongings of a man named David Parent, an Air Force pilot.

Per Lulgjuraj, everything in the wallet seemed to be at least 50 years old. As he continued to pull out more photos from the wallet, the face in them appeared to look familiar, he said. But could he give a name to that face?

Anton Lulgjuraj. | Source: youtube.com/NBC News

Anton Lulgjuraj. | Source: youtube.com/NBC News



Lulgjuraj then noticed the name on the driver's license, Diane Hall. He said he was awe-struck as he continued to go through more pictures, hoping to recognize the face staring at him. The man recalled:

"I was so curious. It was like a time capsule."

Eventually, Lulgjuraj said he connected the dots because he was a huge fan of the 1972 film "The Godfather," and the woman in the pictures resembled the character played by Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton in the all-time hit movie.


But even after making the connection, the Hopewell Junction resident admitted he took some time to clear his doubts. He described:

"I opened it up and thought, is this Diane Keaton the actress? It couldn't be. Or maybe it could."

Lulgjuraj shared he was particularly struck by a lovely black and white image showing a young girl believed to be Keaton standing with a younger boy and girl who could be her siblings. He reportedly found another snap where Keaton's late parents held hands while walking on a beach.



Upon further inspection, the treasure hunter discovered Keaton's Actors' Equity card that expired in 1968. It was likely the Hollywood diva's first such card with her stage name.

Lulgjuraj said it was a mystery how the wallet ended up in the storage unit filled with the belongings of a man named David Parent, an Air Force pilot who attended Fordham University. The man confessed that he reached out to Keaton to return the wallet but had no luck.

He said he tried contacting her through Twitter, but he only got a response from a fan who was awe-struck by his discovery. Lulgjuraj explained that he didn't want a reward but simply wished to reunite Keaton with her lost wallet and its treasures.


After reading the Daily News story, Keaton reportedly caught wind of the missing wallet, and she admitted to having lost wallets several times. Shortly afterward, she shared a post on her social media where she thanked Lulgjuraj for finding her wallet. She wrote:


"This is the craziest story! I don't [remember] losing this but I'm not surprised because I've lost my wallet many times! Thank you, Mr. Lulgjuraj!"

Lulgjuraj told the news outlet he was thrilled by the "Annie Hall" star's response and said he had mailed the wallet and its contents to her attorney. What are your thoughts on this story? What would you do if you were in Lulgjuraj's place? Please share this story with your loved ones.

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