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Victoria Principal 'Dumped' Young Andy Gibb Who Blamed His Fall from Fame on Their Affair — He Later Died at 30

Olawale Ogunjimi
May 29, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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The late Andy Gibb had a successful music career that revolved around debilitating drug use and his broken relationship with actress Victoria Principal. Continue reading to find out more details.


These days, Hollywood classic actress Victoria Principal is in her seventies and content with being away from the spotlight. However, it wasn't always like this.

There was a time in her younger days when Principal relentlessly sought fame and even sacrificed love. The star was married to fellow actor Christopher Skinner between 1978 to 1980.

American actress Victoria Principal with her husband Christopher Skinner, circa 1979. | Source: Getty Images


Theirs was a love match, with Principal describing what they had as absolutely satisfying. The pair had a whirlwind romance, and after the third date, they were sure they wanted forever.

The pair got married in 1978 and soon realized a difference in goals. Skinner became impatient as his wife pursued her career. He realized he wanted a woman who stayed at home.

This was not the same for Principal, whose career dreams burned bright. They tried working it out to a consensus, but nothing could be done. Skinner and his wife of two years eventually broke things off in 1980.

Victoria Principal and Christopher Skinner during 1979 Photoplay Awards at Merv Griffin Studios in Los Angeles, California, United States. | Source: Getty Images



After her marriage with Skinner ended, Principal opened up about how there were no hard feelings. She stated how leaving the marriage helped her further her career, and there were no regrets.

The "Vigilante Force" actress's fame finally came in the 80s and carried through to the 90s. This was when she started in a long-running role on the primetime TV series "Dallas." Principal was more relaxed and ready for the dating pool again by then.

During this period, she met the young singer Andy Gibb, who had a promising future in music. She and Gibb, who was the younger brother of the Bee Gees, were at their peak period as stars.


1981 file photo of Victoria Principal & Andy Gibb attending the Peoples Choice Awards. | Source: Getty Images

The "Naked Lie" actress considered the singer her perfect match. The duo was famous and understood the weight of it all. Gibb and Principal had an eight-year age difference between them, but she did not mind.


Once speaking about this, she shared that she did not have an issue with age differences once a man caught her fancy. The then 32-year-old added:

"When I meet an attractive intelligent man, I don't check his birth certificate."

File Photo of Andy Gibb & Victoria Principal at the PIrates of Penzance play in Los Angeles, California on June 3, 1981. | Source: Getty Images


When Principal met Gibb, She was 31-years-old, and he was 23. She described the hiatus between her divorce and finding a relationship she cherished again as a period when she had to take a step back and show up again once she saw "the light."

She once shared that Gibb was the only man she was interested in seeing. She noted that she loved a man who would let her be "strong and capable" in her areas of expertise and also let her lean on him when she felt like it.

Victoria Principal during 14th Carousel of Hope Ball for Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes at Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States. | Source: Getty Images



Principal understood that Gibb was famous and was at the period when women gravitated towards him, and she admitted that she wanted him for those same reasons.

Gibb was equally smitten by her, constantly talking about her. He once told People that he watched "Dallas" solely because of Principal. After meeting on David Johnson's guest shot, the pair kicked off their relationship.

Despite the mutual understanding and similarities between the stars, Principal was unsure she wanted to be married again. She stated that she had no intentions of marrying the "Rest Your Love On Me" crooner.


Picture shows actress, Victoria Principal, and singer, Andy Gibb, posing together. | Source: Getty Images

A few days before Gibb turned 24, Principal called off their relationship. She felt smothered by his infatuation and did not want to be with him anymore. The actress became overwhelmed by Gibb's attention.


It seemed the young singer could not get enough of her, and even when they were apart, he called her often. She would later tell him to stop calling her cell while she was on the set of "Dallas."

File Photo of Victoria Principal & Andy Gibb at the Pirates of Penzance play opening in Los Angeles, California on June 10, 1981. | Source: Getty Images



After the breakup, Principal was able to move on, but the story was different for Gibb. He spiraled out of control, not considering his burgeoning career.

Gibb stopped going to shows, and one time he did not attend the American Music Awards because of his broken heart. He couldn't concentrate on his career or forge ahead.

Gibb also fell deep into drug use. Principal revealed that his drug problems were a catalyst for their split on her part. She recalled how she told him to pick between her and the drugs.

Singer Andy Gibb poses for a portrait in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


The music star was losing the plot fast, but he was aware that he was out of control. Gibb once shared how he had stayed awake in bed for two weeks after the breakup. He explained that producers kept calling him to get work, but he could not gather the strength.

Gibb continued to wallow after a broken heart, not willing to have any more serious relationships. He experienced financial issues and ultimately went bankrupt.

The "Shadow Dancing" singer could not get his groove back after dealing with heartbreak. Then, two days after Gibb turned 30, he was admitted to the hospital for severe stomach pain.

Singer Andy Gibb poses for a portrait in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


When he first felt the discomfort, he headed to the hospital, and after examination, his doctor advised that he take a bed.

However, Gibb did not make it. Before anything could be done medically, he slumped and died. After his tragic death, Gibb was remembered for a fine career that could have been way better.

Andrew Rob Gibb, known as Andy Gibb was a British singer, songwriter, performer, and teen idol. | Source: Getty Images


According to Freddie Gershon, the former president of his record label, Gibb, was delicate and "too sensitive."

He noted that the late star did not know how to handle rejection, which led to his relapse. But, in Gibb's defense, he never faced any form of denial, and he did not have a tough skin. Gershon added that the singer advanced in age but was frozen in time as a 17-year-old.