No One Can Help Blind and Deaf Man on a Plane, Young Girl Kneels in Front of Him

Rita Kumar
May 27, 2022
10:40 P.M.

A blind and deaf passenger aboard an Alaskan plane had difficulty conveying his needs. Just then, a teen approached him and took his hands in hers while the other passengers couldn't believe what happened next.


Imagine how horrifying it must be to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from your surroundings. Think of people around you who can't understand what you're trying to say. This is something 64-year-old Tim Cook endures every day, and it's heartbreaking even to imagine.

In June 2018, Tim, who was hard of hearing and seeing, was aboard a five-hour-long flight from Boston to Los Angeles. He needed help with a cup of drinking water, among other things, but couldn't convey his needs through sign language. Well, that's when a God-sent angel stepped in to help.

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition


Clara Daly, 15, and her mother, Jane Daly, 52, were on the same Alaska Airlines flight that day to Los Angeles. They had just returned from their trip after helping Jane's mom move into her new home.


Tim, who lived in a nursing facility in Portland, Oregon, was their co-passenger who had difficulty communicating his needs for a really long time.

Even worse, nobody could decipher his hand gestures, and even if they tried to relay something by sign language, Tim's visual impairment made it challenging.

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition


Several flight attendants flocked around Tim randomly for over an hour into the long-haul flight, trying to help. After none of their efforts succeeded, one of them announced aboard if anybody knew American sign language.

Tim and Clara's chance encounter made headlines, catapulting the teen's kind gesture to fame.


Clara heard it loud and clear and hit the call button. She'd learned American sign language a year ago to help with her reading disability and immediately sprung into action.


Everyone around watched the teen in awe as she approached Tim and knelt in front of his seat. She held both his hands and used fingerspelling to communicate with him by signing each letter of every word.

The two spoke to each other through gestures that appeared difficult to the naked eye. Only those who knew sign language could feel the emotions Tim and Clara exchanged that day.


In no time, the two became friends instantly. It appeared as though this was all Tim wanted—someone to talk to and understand his feelings.


They went on and on about their lives and interests until the last hour of their flight. They chatted just like normal people and shared their backgrounds and interests. Speaking to PEOPLE, Clara revealed a bit about Tim, saying:

"He told me how he became blind — that it was a gradual thing that happened over time."


Several people on the flight were touched by the incredible communication between the man and the girl. But one passenger decided to share the story online and was awestruck by the overwhelming response she amassed.

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Clara Daly | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition


Fifty-six-year-old Lynette Scribner from Seaside, Oregon, was so moved by the emotional scene that she decided to share the story on Facebook.

Scribner's post went viral in a very short time, amassing over a million likes and counting. Interviewing with PEOPLE, she revealed that she was impressed with Clara's genuine kindness to a stranger in need, adding:

"You know, you kind of expect a teenager to be engrossed in watching movies or listening to music. But she just stepped up and made herself available to assist Tim for the remainder of the flight."



Tim and Clara's chance encounter made headlines, catapulting the teen's kind gesture to fame. Tim shared his feelings on the incident through an interpreter back at the Portland nursing center, where he moved in after losing his sight and hearing abilities. He recounted:

"Clara made me very happy...I was in a bad mood before Clara helped, and she was very sweet and nice. She had very clear communication, and we had a nice conversation. Best trip I've ever had."


As for Clara, she couldn't believe that her simple gesture would garner so much attention and go viral. Jane said she was stunned by the overwhelming reaction to her daughter's act of kindness. She was proud and revealed what Clara did on the flight that day was something she would've always done!

What would you do if you chance upon a person with disabilities needing help? Would you do your best to help them or wait for someone else to do it instead?

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