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Rich Mom Kicks Out Unmarried Pregnant Daughter, Days Later Transfers All Her Assets to Her Name – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
May 30, 2022
01:30 P.M.
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A woman kicks out her only daughter because she is pregnant and unmarried, then she learns an inspirational lesson about faith and compassion.


Olivia Douglas liked to think of herself as a charitable, godly woman. She had become deeply religious after the death of her beloved husband, David, 14 years before.

Olivia had fallen into a deep depression after his death, and faith had brought her back from the edge and helped her to make sense of her life's tragedy, left alone with a tiny daughter at the age of 28.

Olivia had focused on God and on her daughter Sandra. She'd have given her life for her daughter, but could she give her forgiveness?

Sandra was cosseted and protected after her father's death when she was just three. Until she was five and went to school, her feet hardly ever touched the ground.


She was carried around and zealously watched over by a bevy of nannies instructed to keep Sandra from all danger. As she grew, she was given a list of things she was forbidden to do, and it was extensive.

When Sandra became a teen, she couldn't go out with friends, go to movies (they were sinful), go to sleepovers (decadent), or have any friends who weren't from the church her mother attended.

Forgiveness is the path to inner peace and lasting happiness.

Olivia's sister Linda frequently alerted her to the excessive strictness. "The tighter you pull the reins, the more likely it is the pony will bolt!" she'd say.


Sandra was terrified when when she discovered she was pregnant. | Source: Unsplash

But Olivia pressed her lips together in a thin line. "Look after your own children, Linda, and leave me to raise my daughter as I see fit!" Privately, she thought her niece and nephew would come to no good...


When Sandra turned seventeen, she attempted to rebel against her mother's restrictions, and the consequences were disastrous. The sheltered, naive girl started dating a dangerously attractive 'bad boy' and the inevitable happened.

Sandra was seduced, impregnated, and quickly dumped by her boyfriend. Olivia was enraged when her sobbing daughter came to her. "WHAT?" she screamed. "PREGNANT?"

Sandra was shaking and tearful and she nodded. "Yes," she whispered.

Enraged, Olivia kicked her pregnant daughter out. ! Source: Pixabay


"You little tramp!" Olivia cried. "You SINNED! How could you go to church knowing what you were doing, you disgusting creature!"

"Please, mama," Sandra sobbed. "Please, I'm so scared..."

"You should be!" shouted Olivia. "I was a virgin when I married your father, do you hear! I was PURE!| And you? Seventeen and a dirty tramp! I want you out. GET OUT!"

"Mama," Sandra sobbed. "I don't understand..."

"You disgust me!" Olivia cried. "I want you out of my house, go have your child of shame somewhere else! You're cut off, do you hear? You won't get a cent of my money!"


Aunt Linda was loving and accepting and promised to help Sandra. | Source: Unsplash

Sandra ran out of the house and headed for her only shelter: he aunt's house. "Aunt Linda!" she cried as she ran in. "Please help me, please don't throw me out!"


Linda frowned. "Throw you out?" she asked, bewildered. "Why would I throw you out?"

"I'm pregnant," Sandra whispered shame-faced. "I sinned...Mom threw me out. Please help me."

"Of course, I'll help you!" exclaimed Linda. "You will stay with me until your mother comes to her senses! You and your baby are welcome here."

"Aunt Linda," Sandra asked fearfully. "What...What if I didn't have the baby? I know a girl at school who...didn't. It's a sinful child, a shameful child..."

Sandra was thinking about not having the baby. | Source: Unsplash


Linda took her niece's hands in hers and said gently, "Listen to me, Sandra. This is YOUR baby. Your baby will never be sinful or shameful. It's a baby, a pure creature, a precious gift. I know you believe in God, my love, don't you?"

"Yes," whispered Sandra.

"Having your baby is your decision, but I want you to remember the story of another teenage girl who found herself pregnant and unmarried: Jesus' mother, Mary. Mary was just as afraid as you are after the angel visited her, but not for one second did she think about not having her baby. She faced her parents and her fiancé, Joseph.

"She told them the baby was God's precious gift, she faced down everyone who thought she had sinned, and she knew it would be a true sin to deny the miracle God had worked in her life."


"I want you to remember the story of another teenage girl who found herself pregnant and unmarried: Jesus' mother, Mary. " | Source: Unsplash

"I never thought about what the Virgin Mary that way, what she went through..." Sandra exclaimed. "And back then, it must have been even harder... You're right, Aunt Linda. It IS my baby, and if you help me..."


"There is no 'if'," Linda said firmly. "I will help you and so will your mother when she comes to her senses."

But it seemed that Olivia had no intention of ever forgiving her daughter. Her first act after Sandra left was to call her lawyer and draft a new will excluding her daughter and any child she might have from inheriting her substantial estate.

Two days later, she went to her church and confided in her pastor. She poured out the whole story and cried bitterly: "My own child, a sinner, a loose woman! I kicked her out and I cut her out of my will! I will NEVER forgive her for this, NEVER!"

Olivia cut her daughter out of her will. | Source: Unsplash


"Oh, Olivia," the pastor said quietly. "There is so much anger in your heart! You, who are a true believer, know that in the Bible there was an unwed mother who found comfort and support in her family. Do you think that when the Virgin Mary told her parents she was expecting the Savior that they kicked her out of the house?

"And maybe it was hard for them to believe the child was conceived without sin. But still, they gave their child the love and support she needed, and so we are saved. How can you, who profess to believe in Jesus' message of love and charity, do less?

"Love your daughter, Olivia, and give her and this precious child she is bringing into the world all the love and support they need. You will see that this baby is a precious gift from God."


By the time the pastor finished speaking, Olivia was weeping. She went home and spent the night on her knees, praying and questioning her own right.

"Do you think that when the Virgin Mary told her parents she was expecting the Savior that they kicked her out of the house?" | Source: Unsplash


Two days later, Sandra received a letter from her mother, and the accompanying documents proved that she'd transferred her money into her daughter's name.

The letter read: "My dearest, all I want is for you and your baby to have everything you need. You are going to be a wonderful mother. I hope you will forgive me."

Sandra dropped the letter and ran to her mother's house. When Olivia opened the door, Sandra threw her arms around her, sobbing. "I love you mom, I'm so sorry I disappointed you..."

"No, my love," Olivia said. "I was the one who disappointed you. But I promise that from now on, I will be here for you and the baby."


Olivia became the most devoted of grandmothers. | Source: Unsplash

When Sandra gave birth, Olivia was there beside her holding her hand, and she was the most doting grandmother to her little grandson, David.

What can we learn from this story?
  • We must never turn away from our children, just as God never turns away from us, no matter how we sin. Olivia threw out her daughter for 'sinning' but she didn't realize she was committing the greater offense against love and compassion.
  • Forgive, because forgiveness is the path to inner peace and lasting happiness. Sandra never hesitated and forgave her mother for her unkindness.

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