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Who Is Brooke Shields’ Husband? Inside ‘The Blue Lagoon’ Star’s Beautiful Marriage with Chris Henchy

Dayna Remus
May 30, 2022
10:15 A.M.
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In the past, Brooke Shields dated many famous men. However, none of them made the cut until she finally met the love of her life, Chris Henchy.


Shields is turning 57 years old on May 31, 2022. The actress grew up with an alcoholic mother, was forced into the limelight as a baby, and was sexualized at a very young age.

She had every right to fall down the path of the classic traumatized former child star. But, here she is, having survived the ups and downs of fame.

Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy at the Impractical Jokers on February 18, 2020 in New York. | Source: Getty Images


Shields' career has spanned almost six decades, with two Golden Globe nominations for playing the protagonist in the series "Suddenly Susan."

Now, at nearly 60 years old, she, like many women, might be expected to fear the continuously ticking clock. But, she has a different attitude towards this collective anxiety around aging.


Rather than fighting the wrinkles, Shields proposes we embrace the process and the natural wisdom that comes with maturing. She expressed:

"I'm not saying just forget about it and don't put any effort into yourself, but to really sort of join forces with aging and…custom make the way you spend your day to support that."

She stated, "I feel more empowered now than I ever did." Shields is so passionate about this new approach to growing older that she partnered with Clos Du Bois that's purpose is to rethink the idea of aging.



Shields has dated a slew of high-status men. She was rumored to have been in relationships with Scott Baio, John Travolta, and Michael Jackson. She, however, did date "Superman" Dean Cain, Liam Neeson, and then professional tennis player Andre Agassi.

She and Agassi were married for two years but got a divorce. After this separation, she had her almost-relationship with George Michael before he came out as gay. Finally, she meets the man of her dreams: Chris Henchy.



Shields and Henchy have been married for around two decades. It all began when Henchy got down on one knee in Mexico, but they kept the wedding ceremony under the radar.

Like his wife, Henchy is also in the entertainment industry and grew up in New York City. He is a screenwriter and television producer. He has over 22 writing credits and just under 40 credits for producing.

Henchy has been a supportive husband through the darkest moments, such as when they were struggling to have children. He has a penchant for using humor as a healing agent.



Henchy and his gorgeous wife share two daughters. Their eldest is 18-year-old Rowan Francis Henchy, who attends Wake Forest University. She and her mother are exceptionally close to the point where they got matching ladybug tattoos.

Their youngest, Grier Hammond Henchy, is 16 years old and has a passion for fashion. Many say she looks like her mother when she was younger.


While the 15-year-old may bear a striking resemblance to her mom and could likely enter the modeling world, Shields disapproves of her kids entering the entertainment industry until thoroughly educated.

It doesn't take a leap to speculate that Shields' approach to this is because of her own experiences as a child growing up in the spotlight. But, whatever she may have faced, she has certainly come out the other end, having created a beautiful life and aging with pure grace.


Like Shields, Jon Provost, now in his seventies, managed to survive the negative after-effects of being a former child star. Provost was the boy "Little Timmy," who played alongside the loveable dog in "Lassie.'

He managed to stay healthy and grounded because his parents allowed him to choose his roles rather than micro-manage his career.

With the trauma we have witnessed young people go through that have grown up famous, it is a relief to know that there may be a healthier approach to kids working in the industry.