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Rich Mom Notices Son Sneaking Into Abandoned House Late at Night to Meet a Girl — Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Jun 08, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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A wealthy businesswoman was left to raise her son on her own, only to discover that he had been sneaking out of the house every day to go to an abandoned house late at night.


Samantha Russell was a self-made business owner. She had a great rags-to-riches story wherein she put herself through school before founding her own cosmetics business that would rake in millions of dollars in revenue every year.

Even when her husband divorced her for a younger woman, she didn’t sulk. She believed the lazy man didn’t deserve her, as he not only stayed at home the entire day but would spend her money like it was his.

After filing for divorce, Samantha and her son Billy moved to a different town, where she had a huge mansion built according to her liking. In front of the mansion was a worn-down, abandoned house that Billy had a particular interest in.


Samantha built a new home for her and her son Billy following her divorce. | Source: Pexels

“Do you know who lives there, mom?” he asked. Samantha shrugged and said she didn’t know.

Billy had a difficult time adjusting to his new school. He had no friends, and he missed his previous life where he had a lot of friends who played with him every day.


In his new neighborhood, children mocked him for being wealthy. No one wanted to make friends with him because they thought he was too rich and wouldn’t understand the games they’d play.

Billy was a smart and humble boy. He didn’t believe he was rich, as it was his mother’s money to begin with and not his. He treated everyone equally and saw himself as just like any other child who enjoyed playing outdoors and eating with friends during break times.

No one wanted to befriend Billy because he was rich. | Source: Pexels


One day, Samantha was startled by the sound of their front door creaking late at night. She looked through the window, nervous that somebody was sneaking in, but she saw nobody.

The next evening, she took sleeping pills to help her get a good nine hours of sleep and didn’t hear anything. However, the day after, she forgot to take her medicine and heard the same creaking sound from the front door.

Starting to get nervous about the frequent noise, she went downstairs to check who it was. There, she saw Billy walking out the door to head to the abandoned house in front of the mansion.

Samantha could hear the front door creaking late at night. | Source: Pexels


Samantha followed her son from a distance and saw him approaching a little girl. They walked towards the playground in the abandoned house’s yard where Billy turned on the flashlight so they could see.

At that moment, Samantha ran up to the kids. “Billy, what are you doing out here? It’s almost midnight,” she told him.

Billy was surprised to see his mom, thinking she would ground him for sneaking out. However, he asked his mom to give him a chance to explain.

“Mom, this is Bella. She used to live in the abandoned house with her parents, older brother, and two younger sisters. They barely made ends meet because her father didn’t have a job. One day, her mother got sick of being the only one working that she left her family,” Billy said as Bella hid behind him, scared of Samantha.


Billy would sneak out of the house at night, and Samantha wanted to know why. | Source: Pexels

“A couple of months after her mother left them, her dad disappeared. It turns out he died in an accident. Bella and her siblings were taken to an orphanage, but Bella ran away. She’s afraid of being mistreated in the foster care system. She’s been living here alone for several days,” he revealed.


Samantha was surprised to hear that a ten-year-old girl was living alone in the abandoned house. “How did you find her?” she asked her son.

“Well, my classmates always tease me about our big house. They teased me that it was rude for us to live in such a big house while a poor girl was living in the abandoned house right across the street,” Billy shared.

“I wanted to see if it was true, so I went to the abandoned house after school one day. I saw Bella there, and we became friends. I found out she couldn’t read, as her parents had her stop schooling because of poverty. I’ve been teaching her to read at night,” he told his mom.


Billy wanted to see whether the stories of his classmates were true. | Source: Pexels

Thanks to Billy, Bella learned was learning to read quickly, and Samantha was amazed that Billy was caring for this young girl for the past couple of days.


After standing there in silence, Billy suddenly said:

“Mom, I know you believe that everyone gets what they deserve, but I know Bella doesn’t deserve to live alone in an abandoned house. She deserves better.”

Billy and Bella became family after Samantha legally adopted the young girl. | Source: Pexels


Impressed by her son’s wisdom, Samantha couldn’t help but tear up, thinking she had raised a good, kind, young man. And when Billy told her that Bella was his only friend, as no one in school wanted to be friends with him, she was grateful to Bella.

Realizing Bella made Billy happy and that she needed a home and a family, Samantha took all legal measures to adopt her and make her a part of their small but happy family.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Every child deserves to be in a happy, loving home. Bella was afraid to be mistreated in the foster care system, so she chose to run away and live alone. Billy didn’t want Bella to be harmed, so he helped her every night and even introduced her to his mom so that they could make her a part of their family.
  • Just because a person is wealthy does not mean they are bad people. Billy’s classmates judged him for being wealthy, without even giving him a chance to show who he truly was. If they gave him a chance, they’d discover that Billy was actually a kind, genuine young man who cared deeply for those he cared about.

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