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Crying Father Hears His Daughter Died and Starts Praying, She Opens Her Eyes Days Later

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 17, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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A Nebraska father's fears turned into reality when he discovered his daughter had died. Feeling heartbroken, he started praying, not knowing that his daughter would make it to the news by miraculously opening her eyes after a few days.


For parents, what matters the most is their child's safety. Whenever their teenager takes permission to go out with their friends, many parents fear their kid would get into trouble but still let them go because they don't want to become a controlling parent.

Usually, children return home after having a good time with their friends, and parents feel at ease. However, for some parents, their worst nightmare comes true when their child doesn't return home, and they see an unknown caller ID on their phone.

Tesfaye Ailbe. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



May 28, 2022, was a happy day for Tesfaye Ailbe because his 18-year-old daughter, Hannah Wadiso, had graduated high school. He had dreamt of this day for a long time, and watching his girl wear the graduation hat made him feel proud.

Like most parents, Ailbe wanted to celebrate his daughter's achievement. The next day, he went out with his family to praise Wadiso's hard work. Ailbe recalled:

"We enjoyed the day happily, enjoyed music, praises."

A photo of Hannah Wadiso. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch7



After spending the day with her family, Wadiso wanted to watch a car show with her friends, so she asked Ailbe for permission. She told him everyone was going to watch the race that night.

After receiving a phone call that no parent would want to answer, Ailbe rushed to see his daughter.

Like many parents, Ailbe was double-minded about sending his daughter out alone at night, but he let her go, telling her to be careful. It was a big day for her, so he let her do what she wanted. Little did he know that he would soon regret his decision.


Tesfaye Ailbe talks during an interview. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7


Soon after Wadiso left, Ailbe started feeling uneasy. His intuition told him something was not right, so he decided to follow his daughter to the track she went to with her friends.


After reaching the racetrack, Ailbe looked around but couldn't spot his daughter. He walked around for some time and then returned home. Four hours later, he saw an unknown caller ID on his phone. When he received the call, the person on the other end said:

"I got this number. You don't know me, but your daughter is in an accident and in bad shape. Please reach her now."

Tesfaye Ailbe recalls what happened. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



After receiving a phone call that no parent would want to answer, Ailbe rushed to see his daughter. With his heart racing, he reached the place the person on the phone had told him.

Ailbe saw police officers surrounding a crashed car. When he went near the accident site and asked a police officer about Wadiso, he received a shocking reply. The policeman told him his daughter died after a car rolled over her. Ailbe recounted what happened next:

"On the road, we cried, fell down on our knees, prayed."

Police officers surround the crashed car. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



When Ailbe asked the police officers if he could go near his daughter and see her, they forbade him and asked him to stay out of the accident site. Ailbe felt heartbroken knowing his daughter had passed away, oblivious that he would soon witness a miracle.

Two hours later, Ailbe's phone rang, and he saw another unknown caller ID. The devastated father recalled what the person on the other end told him:

"She is in emergency, Bryan West, critical condition. The car ran over them, and some people around them lifted the car up.”

Tesfaye Ailbe talks about the accident. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



Ailbe rushed to the hospital and saw Wadiso in the emergency room, lying on the bed helplessly while the doctors tried their best to revive her. The heartbroken father prayed for his little girl to come back to life, and his prayers were answered soon.

Wadiso miraculously opened her eyes after staying in the hospital for a few days. Ailbe recalled that his daughter cried after learning she had survived the crash, while he felt grateful that Wadiso returned to life. He said:

"It’s a chance God gave you, daughter, be happy, don't be angry."

Tesfaye Ailbe holds his daughter's photo. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



The day Wadiso went to see the car show, two cars collided and bumped into the bystanders, injuring 20 people. Wadiso was one of the unfortunate people who got injured during the accident.

The collision happened when an 18-year-old driver rammed his car into another vehicle with two women. Police later identified them as 20-year-old Emily Siebenhor and 22-year-old Edith Hermosillo. When Ailbe heard about their demise, he said to his daughter:

"The other two didn't get this chance. You are the lucky one."

The damaged car. | Source: youtube.com/KETV NewsWatch 7



After the investigation, the police issued an official statement explaining what had happened on the night of May 29, 2022. They said a bystander had called Ailbe, informing him that his daughter was hit by a car.

When the devastated father reached the accident, he asked the police officers about one of the women who had died, thinking it was Wadiso. When they told Ailbe the girl had died, he assumed it was his daughter. The police regretted the misunderstanding and hoped Wadiso would soon recover.

Meanwhile, they interrogated 18-year-old Kyvell Stark, who had crashed his car, killing two women. A police case was filed against him for the deaths and injuries his mistake had caused. The police also revealed Stark didn't have a driver's license.



Ailbe revealed that his family had stopped working and stayed home to look after Wadiso and her special-needs sibling. The doctors had told them Wadiso's pelvic injury would take time to heal.

Meanwhile, a kind person reached out to Ailbe to seek permission to create a GoFundMe page for Waldo's expensive treatment. The fundraiser organizer wrote:

"The family is facing immense medical bills and caring for another child with special needs as well at home."

Wadiso's story proves that people who believe in helping others still exist. She wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for the person who pulled her from under the car. Ailbe felt grateful to the stranger for saving his daughter's life.

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