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Deaf Baby Can't Stop Laughing after Hearing Sister's Voice for First Time

Rita Kumar
Jun 15, 2022
03:00 P.M.
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A deaf baby girl melted over a million hearts and made the internet cry after her mother shared a touching video of her reacting to sound for the first time.


An emotional video shared by an Atlanta mom will be the most touching thing you'll watch all day. But before that, please grab some tissues as we unfold this adorable deaf baby's story on her journey to hearing her elder sister's voice for the first time.

In 2019, a miracle unfolded right in front of Atlanta mom Carol Dianne Benjamin's eyes. She could not fight back her tears after seeing her baby girl react to sound for the first time since birth. The viral video is proof that joy lies ahead of every struggle.

Carol Dianne Benjamin with her elder daughter and baby Scarlet. | Facebook / CBS News



Baby Scarlet was born three months premature, and she developed a severe stomach infection. While Carol Benjamin was preparing to embrace motherhood one more time, her newborn's condition crushed her.

"Hey! You can hear me…I know!" [Carol] cried as tears of joy flooded her eyes.

Eventually, the mom quickly decided to treat little Scarlet with antibiotics. Though the medication cured the baby's stomach infection, it impaired her hearing. At this point, Carol's world jolted under her feet.



The mom was confident that time would heal everything. Since baby Scarlet often reacted to most sounds, she assumed that her baby could hear everything fairly well.

But on January 11, 2019, Carol realized she was wrong after Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville helped baby Scarlet with her first hearing aids.

"After what I witnessed today, it was not as well as I thought. Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference!" Carol shared on Facebook. But what happened next brought tears to her eyes.

Carol Dianne Benjamin with her elder daughter and baby Scarlet. | Facebook / CBS News



Baby Scarlet sat cozied up on her mother's lap. And then, the miracle unfolded when her older sister walked over to her, repeatedly saying, "BABY SISTER!"

The little girl kept parroting the words while Carol excitedly held Scarlet on her lap, waiting for her reaction. Joy flooded the mom from all sides when little Scarlet giggled to her sister's third call.

Carol couldn't believe her eyes. She was stunned, saying, "Hey, baby! Hi!" Carol was thrilled. "Hey! You can hear me…I know!" she cried as tears of joy flooded her eyes.

Carol Dianne Benjamin with her elder daughter and baby Scarlet. | Facebook / CBS News



The room filled with Scarlet's loud laughter, and Carol then asked her to "Say, daddy!" The baby girl looked at her mom and chuckled, lighting her eyes with delight.

Little Scarlet's loud cries and laughter were music to Carol's ears. The moment was captured on camera and later shared on her Facebook page. Carol wrote: "By the way, I'm crying, you're crying, everyone is crying."

The touching video amassed an overwhelming response from Facebook users. Eventually, several people expressed their happiness for Carol by sharing similar experiences.


Carol Dianne Benjamin with her elder daughter and baby Scarlet. | Facebook / CBS News


Commenter Karen Carrington recalled a similar miracle with her son, who hated wearing hearing aids. But one day, he wore them on their way out of the hospital after an appointment. Carrington recalled the emotional moment, saying:


"He was about 10 yrs old, and he said out loud, 'Mom, I can hear the birds in the sky so clearly. I never heard them sing so clearly before!' I started to cry."

Susan Bruce Wood said her son couldn't hear since birth. But after a long-waited surgery, he was finally able to hear. "When he came out of surgery, he was terrified by all the sounds. For days he jumped and cried at phones, toys, TV," she shared.



According to a report published on March 25, 2021, 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children in the US are born with detectable hearing loss. While 90% of children hard of hearing are born to hearing parents, around 15% of adults in the country aged 18 and above have reported difficulty hearing.

Meanwhile, Facebook users Lisa Hamlin Woodard and Brooke Curren Kelly found Carol's story relatable. Woodard had got her hearing aid in 2019, and when she cut the blinkers on and opened a piece of candy, she had an emotional meltdown in her car. "There are noises in the air and everything," she said.

For Kelly, it was overwhelming when her daughter, who she hadn't known was blind until she was three, got her glasses. "She looked at me and hugged me so big, "mama, you're so pretty!" she recalled.


Carol Dianne Benjamin with her elder daughter and baby Scarlet. | Facebook / CBS News


After watching Carol's touching video, some users like Judith Rogers-Parker and Erin Rinker Fraise expressed their joy, dubbing the incident a "Miracle!" "I love how she screams at the end, like, "Hey! I have a voice!" Fraise commented.


User Marcus T Allen Sr. emotionally wrote: "Someone is in my room cutting onions. OMG, that was beautiful!!!"

The video moved over a million hearts, with people and well-wishers flooding the post on CBS News with their hearty comments. As for Carol, she believes that day was one of the best days of her life. Well, she is right!

Words cannot express the joy Carol Benjamin experienced after seeing her baby Scarlet react to sounds for the first time. If this story melted you, please share it with your friends to spread the message of love and miracles.

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