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Mom Sobs When Only One Child Comes to the Birthday Party for Her Son with Down Syndrome

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 17, 2022
08:30 A.M.
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A mother's heart broke on the day of her son's fifth birthday party. She arranged something special for him but was devastated by the response. Read her emotional story and discover why she was so upset.


Few things can upset a parent more than seeing their child hurting. Moms and dads do their best to protect their beloved kids, but the world can be harsh, and it isn't always possible to shield them from falling.

One TikTok mom's emotional breakdown went viral, amassing millions of views and comments. The reason for her agony will leave you feeling sympathetic and might have you grabbing the tissues.

A tearful mom. | Source: Tiktok.com/nosilla865



When TikTok user @nosilla865 started sharing her journey online, she never imagined how much attention her page would receive. The mother posted lots of different content and often shared clips about her son, Jude.

The duo had a beautiful relationship and close connection. In an adorable video, Jude enjoyed his ice cream and laughed as he licked up every last bit of the delicious treat.

The TikToker mom's son, Jude, pictured sitting in the car. | Source: Tiktok.com/nosilla865


He was adorable and immensely loved by his mom, and she planned a fantastic event for his birthday party. Jude was turning five, and he was excited about the celebration.

The devastated mom noted that the underwhelming turn-out would be bad for any kid, but it was harrowing for them because of her son's condition.



Jude's mom organized a drive-by party to adhere to the regulations in place during the covid-19 lockdown in 2020. She had high hopes that friends would use the opportunity to display their love and support for her son.

However, her dreams were shattered. In an emotional video, she shared: "Do you want to know how many people came [to his party]?" With tears streaming down her face, she held one finger up to the camera.

Only one person showed up and drove by to wish Jude a happy birthday. The TikToker's pain about the turnout was written all over her face, and she revealed why the disappointment cut so deeply.


Jude enjoying his ice cream. | Source: Tiktok.com/nosilla865


The devastated mom noted that the underwhelming turn-out would be bad for any kid, but it was harrowing for them because of her son's condition. He had Down Syndrome, and she added:


"When he didn't realize what was going on, that hurt. But what happens when he knows? What happens when he knows that he's purposely being left out?"

She ended the clip with one final question. Before covering her mouth in pain, she asked: "Why?" The heartbroken mom wanted to know why her son was ignored and neglected.



The TikToker never knew her video would gain immense traction, but it did. Viewers offered their support and apologized for her heart-shattering experience. While many also shared nasty comments, the mom ignored them.

In a video expressing her gratitude for the online care and consideration, she said:

"I just want to say how thankful I am for the love, and the support, and kind words."

The mom also thanked people who wanted to help but assured them that her family didn't need anything. She stated: "I so appreciate just the thoughts." She hoped people would donate to worthy causes instead.



Rejection and sadness are universal feelings felt by people worldwide, and sadly Jude wasn't the only child whose birthday party didn't have a joyous attendance. Oregon mom, Kristen Layne, shared the disappointing experience she had in 2016.

Her nine-year-old son, Mahlon, prepared their home for the party, getting decorations and a cake ready. But his hopes were shattered when nobody showed up. Layne expressed:

"I was heartbroken. I woke up the next morning after his party and my face was literally almost swollen shut from crying so hard."


Seeing her son sitting alone at his party table was almost too much for her to bear, but Mahlon put on a brave face and tried to enjoy himself. She hoped other parents would see her story and try to RSVP so that expectations could be managed.



Many parents have stood red-faced as their children wait for guests to arrive at their parties. It can be challenging to know what to do when nobody pitches.

An online blogger suggested that moms and dads share the encounter on Facebook to raise awareness and show others that it isn't acceptable behavior.

A sad birthday boy. | Source: Pexels



Another person shared that it was crucial to stand by your promise. If parents indicate their kids will be attending a party, they must follow through. Integrity and kindness go a long way and can prevent the heartbreak of many little boys and girls.

Parents also spend lots of money on birthday parties, and wasted food and decor can be another unfortunate blow. They added:

"Yes, we're all busy. And invitations get lost in school backpacks and stacks of papers on kitchen counters. But the no-shows are impossible to account for. If we said we'd go, we need to suck it up and go."

Showing up to a friend's birthday party may seem small and inconsequential, but it often means the world to them. People need to treat others with more kindness. Do you agree?

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