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Adopted Boy Doesn't Hold Back Sobs When His Family Throws First Surprise Birthday of His Life

Stephen Thompson
Jun 25, 2022
10:40 A.M.

After only a few months in the country, an adopted boy is treated to the most heartwarming gesture on his birthday for the first time in his life, leading him to break down in tears. Read on to see how Abraham truly felt seeing a cake from his new family.


Infants never earn the right to choose what family they are born into. Parents often have the upper hand because they are equipped to shape a life—mold a child into what they want, even though the kids come with their personalities.

So in a family affair, the parents call the shots. They are the first people to interact with their kids and influence their backgrounds. Unfortunately, not every parent has the opportunity to do this, no matter how desperately they want to.

Some parents are not around to give their kids a great life, that is the basics — food, clothing, and shelter; some parents are also hardly available to provide emotional support to their wards.


This is due to numerous factors, including death, separation, or the inability of the parents to provide. However, over the years, humans have devised a means — adoption — to give every child the opportunity to experience parental love.

Even though the parental love may not be from a relative or anyone who shares biological ties with the adoptee, many adoptive parents have proven they can be called good parents to their non-biological children by showing genuine love.

This is the exact way the Walkers decided to treat their two adoptees from Sierra Leone who had never experienced normal family life. Their latest gesture to the youngest adoptee, Abraham, made them an internet sensation!



Joe Walker and his wife were doing great with their four children in America before deciding to add more kids to their relatively big family.

But how did this all play out? First, the family's patriarch decided to visit Sierra Leone with a friend who had established an orphanage in the country—it was a special occasion for his pal, as the orphanage was celebrating its ten years of existence. He said:

"I wanted to go play with the kids. I wanted to see what [it] was all about."


Indeed, Joe invested time in relating with the orphanage and local kids. He played soccer and read books with them. Eventually, he met James, a teenage boy, and the two became close.


Following his trip back home, Joe maintained contact with the boy, and the Walker family financed him and even helped James connect seamlessly with them via Skype.


Sadly, James was expelled from the orphanage six months after their meeting. However, this did not disturb his relationship with the Walkers, as Joe had already bought him a phone.

When James returned to his village, he introduced his younger brother, Abraham, to his adult friend and family. The boys consistently Facetiming the family soon became a routine.

In the back of Joe's mind, he knew the boys needed to be in better surroundings. So he partnered with a few people. According to him:


"We knew that if they didn't get back to the orphanage, they were going to be put back on the streets, and so we put a team together."

Thankfully, Joe succeeded in getting the brothers back into the orphanage. Then he scheduled a physical meeting with them, and as expected, they connected instantly, forming an even deeper bond.


It was impossible to deny the connection with the kids, so when Joe returned home, he explained to his wife, Jamie, adding that he felt obliged to help them some more.


Before the couple concluded, they had an honest conversation with their four kids, explaining their plans to adopt the orphans. Without hesitation, the pack affirmed that it was a great decision.

Breaking the news to the boys was another huge step for the Walker family. However, they advised the brothers to think deeply before agreeing. In Joe's words:

"We asked them to think of all the positive things and then to think of the things that would be really challenging…they wanted to be a part of the family and know what a family was."


The adoption process was slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But once the coast cleared, Joe visited the boys and was notified that he could take them.


In October 2021, the duo became a part of the Walker Clan. They settled in nicely, and Abraham confessed that he was in awe of America, as he was getting used to the food and weather.

On the other hand, the adoptive parents were overjoyed to see the boys living a dream they did not think would be possible. According to them:


"It's absolutely magical and amazing because you think about the first time you take a toddler through, and they're like in awe."


In May, Abraham became a year older, and the family surprised the celebrant with a colorful birthday cake with candles and his name on it.

This was the only time he had gotten a cake or celebrated a birthday. The teen rushed to hug his dad and mom upon seeing the cake. He sobbed uncontrollably and hesitated to blow out the candles or make a wish.


Abraham was overwhelmed and did not know the ritual with candles on a cake. His siblings recorded the moment and beamed with joy as they witnessed his reaction.

He later blew out the candles and made a silent wish, and what came after was a heart full of prayers and gratitude for his family. While speaking about the experience, he said:

"I love them more than they can ever imagine in the world. They're the ones that showed me to the world and showed me what happiness is, and showed me what love is, and showed me what it means to have a family around you."


While his age was not revealed, the Walkers explained that the poor record-keeping in the boys' birth country makes it difficult to ascertain their real ages. They believe that the birth documents made the boys older than they are.

Despite what the document says, the Walkers have adopted the boys into a good home to live in, and celebrating milestones such as first birthdays to make them happy does not seem like a problem.

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