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Grandmother Comes under Fire for Breastfeeding Her 10-Month-Old Granddaughter

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 27, 2022
11:30 A.M.

One young mom noticed her baby always wanted to breastfeed, so she made an unconventional decision to get some extra help. Read her story and discover why she faced severe backlash online.


Breastfeeding and milk production doesn't come naturally to all mothers. When they face struggles, some opt for formula feeding, and others consider assistance via wet nursing.

Citizens often have preconceived notions about breastfeeding, and when one woman didn't follow the expected norms, she suffered constant backlash and ridicule. However, she didn't waiver and defended her choice.


When 21-year-old nurse Julia Cannons welcomed her baby girl, Naomi, into the world, it was the happiest day of her life. She dedicated all her time and energy to raising her daughter and wanted the best for her.


While many people might've denied the unusual request or been put off by the suggestion, Cannons had a much different reaction.

The mom from St Louis, Missouri, loved breastfeeding and started providing milk for her child as soon as she was born. Cannons shared: "She would cluster feed all the time. She wanted to be on the boob 24/7. It was like a comfort thing."


Looking after her baby was a full-time job, and Cannons was grateful that she didn't have to raise her child alone. Her mom, Angela Owens, was always willing to lend a helping hand.


The 47-year-old had raised five kids and shared various tips and tricks with Cannons. During one of their visits, the mom-and-daughter duo decided to do something unconventional. Cannons said:

"One day I really wanted to have a shower and to get out of the house so I headed over to my mother’s. I was in the shower and [Naomi] needed a feed."


The then-four-month-old Naomi started "squalling" while her mom was taking a shower, and Grandmother Owens decided to soothe the little girl. She had asked her daughter if she was comfortable with her breastfeeding Naomi.


While many people might've denied the unusual request or been put off by the suggestion, Cannons had a much different reaction. She was happy with it and allowed her mom to breastfeed. She stated:

"My mum had already asked me how I would feel about her breastfeeding Naomi. She still produces milk and we knew she still produces. I was okay with it."


Owens was an over-producer and never stopped lactating after the birth of her youngest child. The grandmother also underwent various cat scans and tests to check for worrying health problems.


After she was given the all-clear, the mother and daughter proceeded with their dual breastfeeding. The decision also affected their relationship in a special way.


Cannons was happy to share that her relationship with Owens improved because they were both breastfeeding her baby. She noted that a "real [and] huge bond developed" between her and her mother.

Helping her child was a blessing for Owens, and she saw it as an honor and privilege. Sadly, not everyone viewed their breastfeeding arrangement in a positive light.



The women knew people would be surprised that Owens breastfed her grandchild, but they never anticipated the level of criticism that came their way. Cannons shared: "People say it's weird, unnatural, and gross."

Multiple news agencies picked up their story in 2019, and netizens didn't hold back in the comment sections. One user wrote: "I'm all up for breastfeeding. I breastfed all my boys, but this is a bit too much for me."

Someone else added that they couldn't get their head around it, while another said: "Doesn't seem right." However, there were also countless opinions supporting the mom's decision. One user shared:


"Nothing strange or wrong about it. Until recently this was completely acceptable and totally normal in society's eyes."


Cannons didn't listen to the criticism and said she wasn't doing anything unusual. She noted: "It's how we all started out. Wet nursing has been around since the beginning of time."

Naomi was fed predominantly by her mom and only received milk from her grandmother a few times every month. Owens enjoyed doing it, and baby Naomi was healthy and happy, which was all that mattered to them. Cannons added:


"We weren’t sure if Naomi would latch on but she did immediately. It was amazing. It is a huge, huge help for me. I can sleep and get something to eat."

The mother-and-daughter duo raised many questions and spread awareness about breastfeeding. What do you think about their actions and the decision to have a family member assist in supplying milk?

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