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Elderly Lady Stops Little Girl to Give Her Money in Fulfilling a Promise She Made Long Ago

Stephen Thompson
Jul 02, 2022
12:30 A.M.
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A butterfly effect of kindness was the highlight at a grocery store, and it all started with an older woman who was determined to fulfill a heartwarming promise.


Great lessons come in the most unexpected ways, and a certain mom who shops at Dollar Tree can attest to this. She was having the most random day searching for tweezers alongside her young daughter Hensli when the day turned into a fulfilling one.

The mom explained that she could not find her tweezers and just needed to dash in and out of Dollar Tree. But the turn of events had her meeting an older woman called Martha.


She recalled how she and Martha met at the checkpoint and how she asked if she could give Hensli some money. Hensli's mom was stunned by the request as it pulled at her heartstrings.

Fighting back the tears, she granted permission, and Martha gifted the young girl the money. Although the elderly lady quickly went on her way, that simple act of kindness was far from over.

Before she left, Hensli gave her a big hug, and the mom demanded a snapshot. Martha, who seemed reluctant initially, shared that she wasn't good at smiling but decided to pose with the excited mom and her daughter.


According to Hensli's mom, Martha was "so humble" and thought their show of appreciation was more than enough. While Martha thought her gift was not something too much, Hensli and her mom were overwhelmed.

Martha also opened up about why she decided to give Hensli some money. The older adult explained that she once had a full cart, and someone had paid for every single item. Although she did not do as much for Hensli, Martha wanted to display the same act of kindness.

The lady's generosity had such an impact that when Hensli's mom asked her what she wanted to do with the money, her first action was to get her teacher a gift. Hensli's mom explained that her daughter also bought some ice cream and a book.


She donated a dollar and saved the rest for an offering in church on Sunday. Hensli also made a mental note to give out some money the next time she and her mom visited Dollar Tree.

This was a little girl on a mission, thanks to Martha's thoughtfulness and giving spirit. One week later, Hensli and her mom were back at the same supermarket, and in what looked like a Deja Vu moment, Martha was also there.

This time, Martha was with her daughter, who Hensli's mom described as "a gem." The women had a sweet reunion, and Hensli still had some of the money Martha gave her.


During their visit to the store, she gave a little girl named Addison some of the money. Addison could not believe her luck as she gave Hensli a big hug.

The narrator noted that she couldn't help but tear up again, knowing her daughter held the act of kindness close to her heart.


Addison received $1.10 from Hensli and showed gratitude by returning for more hugs. Martha also joined them and was introduced to the new little girl. Addison purchased some ring pops with the money and got some for her brother.

Hensli's mom was able to secure an interview to share the chain of kindness borne of Martha's act. She was the recipient of a stranger's empathy, and it went on to reflect on her actions toward other people.


Martha and Hensli's mom met again and were able to share their story with the public. Martha also got to sign the book the little girl had purchased with the former's gift. Hensli's mom was grateful for Martha's life and thanked the person who paid for her full cart.

Hensli's mom was also appreciative of how Martha chose to reciprocate the act of giving and passing along such blessings.


She was grateful that Hensli could learn an important lesson and also perform the same act. The happy mom made a pact at that moment to think of Martha whenever she next visited Dollar Tree. She heartily stated:

"The next time I'm in the Dollar tree I will think of you and make sure to pass on your generosity to someone in line as well. Thank you for spreading goodness in the world…."

Martha never forgot the first time the kind stranger paid for her full cart. She was also able to create a chain of kindness through little Hensli. It is safe to say that kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

If you enjoyed reading about Martha's impact and can relate to the pure display of generosity, kindly share and pass on the wholesome story.

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