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Eddie Van Halen's Son Is Engaged to GF of 6 Years after Pausing Career to Care for Dad Who Was Fighting Cancer

Junie Sihlangu
Jul 08, 2022
11:05 A.M.
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Almost two years ago, Wolfgang Van Halen paused his music career to help look after his ailing father, Eddie Van Halen. After years of mourning, he's set to make his father proud after taking a big step with his longtime girlfriend.


When speaking about Wolfgang Van Halen at the age of four, his late father, Eddie Van Halen, revealed that he didn't want to limit who he would be. The late star said he was going to allow the boy to be whatever he wanted to be.

The rock star made a prediction when he shared how he didn't see Wolfgang not getting involved in music in some way since he was exposed to it constantly. However, Eddie explained that didn't mean he would interfere in the boy's life choices.

Eddie Van Halen at the George Lopez Foundation's 10th Anniversary Celebration Party on April 30, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Eddie Van Halen at the George Lopez Foundation's 10th Anniversary Celebration Party on April 30, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


He said he wasn't going to force Wolfgang to take music lessons or play the piano as his parents did to him. True to his father's predictions, Wolfgang became a musician just like his father.

In November 2020, he revealed that he'd learned to play the guitar as a child. While speaking to Howard Stern, the prodigy shared how Eddie was the one who taught him the instrument.


Wolfgang recalled how he'd ask his father how to play something; instead, Eddie would be his rock 'n roll self. His son confessed that it was a "tough bar to reach" for him as a beginner.

The late musician's son would instruct him to do a specific thing on the guitar, leading Wolfgang to get upset because he didn't know how to emulate his father. He'd remind the rock star that he could do what he did because of who he was.


Wolfgang would go to rehearsals with his famous father, and at a later stage, he decided he wanted to pursue music too. At age nine, he started playing the drums, and two years later, he began playing the guitar.

However, the first time he held a bass guitar, he knew it was the right instrument for him. Wolfgang appeared on stage with his father for the first time in 2004, while Eddie's band, Van Halen, was on a world tour.


The star's son was only 13 when he joined his father to play the song "316," written for Wolfgang's birthday on March 16. After being a bass player for Van Halen, Eddie's son branched out, creating his band called Mammoth WVH.

In November 2020, he released his first solo video and the single called "The Distance." On the track, Wolfgang played all the instruments and sang all the vocals, leading to praise from his fans.

Before he started his band and ventured away from Van Halen, he had to put his dreams on hold. Wolgang set his ambitions aside for the sake of his sickly father.



Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2020, Wolgang discussed how he'd always put his father's well-being as his priority. In 2007, when he was a teenager, he convinced his father to go into rehabilitation.

He explained that he was in his father's band because of his parent's health. Wolfgang said that was probably why he seemed older than his 29 years because he had to mature quickly.

Eddie Van Halen performs at his band's dress rehearsal for family and friends on February 8, 2012, in Inglewood, California. | Source: Getty Images

Eddie Van Halen performs at his band's dress rehearsal for family and friends on February 8, 2012, in Inglewood, California. | Source: Getty Images


In 2011, Eddie made the news of his cancer diagnosis public with a statement on Van Halen's website. He apologized to his fans for making them wait for long before addressing the issue personally.

However, he explained that it took a while because having cancer was a "very unique and private matter" to tackle. In 2015, the rock star spoke to Billboard, sharing that his initial diagnosis included having one-third of his tongue removed, and the cancer eventually spread to his esophagus.


On October 6, 2020, Wolfgang took to his Instagram account to share the heartbreaking news that his father was no more. Alongside a fun black-and-white image of Eddie, his son revealed his disbelief at having to share the information.

He said his father had lost his battle with the disease that morning before describing the late star as "the best father I could ever ask for." Wolfgang emotionally shared how every moment he'd spent with his father on and off stage had been a gift.


He confessed that his heart was broken and didn't envision himself recovering fully from the loss. Eddie's only child concluded his post by declaring his love for his father.

In June 2021, People magazine revealed that Wolfgang put his career on hold to take care of Eddie while he received cancer treatment. The younger Van Halen didn't have any regrets about that decision, with him stating:

“Not a single regret. That stuff can wait. I put everything on hold with my album to spend every waking second with my dad.”


A few weeks after Eddie's passing, Wolfgang released "The Distance," a single he'd written for his father before his death. The video for the song included footage of Wolfgang's childhood with his late father.

The clip showed just how close the pair had been. The rock star's son admitted that the grieving period had been difficult for him but noted that he must've been a good actor when it came to him pretending things were okay when he knew they were not.


On the first anniversary of his father's death, Wolfgang shared an adorable throwback Instagram image of Eddie petting his head while he played guitar. He noted how his father had fought hard and long against the disease but was unfairly taken away anyway.

The musician's son confessed he wasn't okay and didn't think he would ever be. He revealed he had a lot he wished to show and share with Eddie, like laughing or hugging him again.


Wolfgang admitted that he missed his father and was trying to do his best without him around, even though it was difficult. The bass guitar player shared that he hoped his father was "still proud" before proclaiming his love once more and asking Eddie to watch over him.

While Wolfgang continued to grieve the heartbreaking loss of his famous father, he luckily wasn't alone. The younger Van Halen was blessed to have a constant support system from someone who was always by his side over the years.



Even though he was still mourning, Wolfgang found something to celebrate a few months after his father's death. On December 27, 2020, he shared a dreamy Instagram photo of him sitting with his girlfriend and playing the guitar while watching the sunset.

Eddie's son revealed that he and Andraia Allsop were celebrating their fifth anniversary. He shared how thankful he was that she was a part of his life, declared his love to her, and added:

"She’s the reason I’m remotely functional at all right now. She’s helped me through so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her."

The couple began dating in December 2015 and have been together ever since. Allsop, a software engineer, loves photography and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Computer Science and once worked as an intern at Instructure.




On July 6, 2022, a few months after Wolfgang and Allsop had celebrated their 6th anniversary, the bass player shared an Instagram image of him posing with his girlfriend. In the photo, the couple smiled as Allsop cradled the musician's chin while showing off her ring.

Eddie's son revealed in the caption that his longtime partner had "said yes!!" Throughout their relationship, the couple had opted to keep their relationship somewhat private except when Wolgang shared sweet posts on Instagram.


For instance, on March 15, 2022, the musician wished Allsop a happy birthday with a photo of them together. He revealed his partner made his life better "in every way just by existing" before sharing his love for her.

One of Wolfgang and Allsop's rare public appearances was on April 2022, when she tagged along with him and his mother, Valerie Bertinelli, to the Grammy Awards. At the time, the bass guitarist song for his father had been nominated, but he didn't win.


In the image, Wolfgang stood between the two women as they smiled. In his post's caption, he noted how it was okay that he hadn't won because he had a "wonderful night" with the most important women in his life.

Eddie's son said it had been an honor for him to be nominated in a category with artists he'd always looked up to. He said his father once didn't win when nominated and joked that he was following in his footsteps "nicely.!"

However, he was grateful as he didn't know what the future held and had enjoyed the experience. Wolfgang concluded by hanging the awards ceremony for the recognition and his fans for their support.

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