Pregnant Mom Goes for an Ultrasound, Sees Sadness in the Eyes of Doctor Who Reveals She Has Twins

Karabo Baloyi
Jul 13, 2022
11:10 A.M.

Pregnancy is an exciting and nerve-wracking time in many women's lives. The journey to bringing a little person into the world can be wrought with challenges of many kinds. For Lex Ginger, her pregnancy journey was one of the rarest in the world.


Like many TikTok users, Lex Ginger enjoyed jumping on various trending challenges on the social media platform.

Using the popular "put a finger down if…" challenge, Lex detailed her unbelievable pregnancy journey with an incredibly rare set of twins.



In December 2018, immigration attorney Lex and her husband found out they were expecting a baby. The news came as a surprise because of the various reproductive health challenges that Lex faced.

"I had been told that it would be very difficult to get pregnant because I have PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, and factor V, which is a blood clotting disorder," Lex explained. Lex and her husband were excited to become new parents even though they didn't expect to fall pregnant.



During her first trimester, Lex's pregnancy was progressing as expected. One week later, Lex woke up early one morning with the worst morning sickness since the beginning of her pregnancy.

"I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't eat or drink water," she said. After visiting her OB-Gyn to understand what the problem was, Lex quickly understood that she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum.

This condition caused her to feel severely nauseated and she vomited a lot more than usual. Uknown to Lex, she was soon to receive the most shocking news of her life.


The doctor wrote a prescription for Lex and asked her to collect it at a clinic. While at the clinic, she would get a sonogram to make sure the babies were well.

As soon as Lex arrived at the clinic, she was quickly assisted because of how ill she looked. During the scan, the OB-Gyn took a lot longer than expected. Lex recalled:

"And then they do the scan and they keep looking and they keep looking and they keep looking and then they look at you and say, ‘you’re having twins.’ But they don’t say it in a happy way."



The OB-Gyn told Lex she was having twins, but she didn't look very happy for Lex as she broke the news. Lex found the news impossible to believe. Only a week earlier, her first scan revealed that she was expecting only one baby.

The doctor pointed out two babies to Lex in the scan, but they were very close together. This meant one of two possible outcomes: it was either her babies were conjoined, or she would give birth to monochorionic-monoamniotic twins.

Monochorionic-monoamniotic twins are an extremely rare kind of twins where the babies are in the same placenta and amniotic fluid. These kinds of twins make up .1% of all pregnancies.



The doctor also told Lex that she had never seen this type of pregnancy before. She immediately pulled out a medical book and read a few sentences about monochorionic-monoamniotic pregnancies.

The doctor explained that Lex's babies had a 50% chance of survival. It was also very unlikely that her pregnancy would progress past 24 weeks.

Lex was floored by the news. She found it more difficult to cope with the shock because she had gone to the appointment by herself. She told her husband earlier not to worry about attending the appointment with her because it was just a check-up.



To make matters worse, Lex had forgotten her phone and couldn't call her husband for support. Her Apple watch also gave her a hard time when she tried to use it instead. "I was freaked out. It felt like a bad dream," Lex said.

Soon after learning of her high-risk pregnancy, Lex and her OB-Gyn met up a few times for "demise checks" to see if any of the twins had died in her womb.

When Lex's pregnancy was at 24 weeks, she was transferred to Tampa General Hospital for monitoring by a team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, OB-Gyns, residents, and nurses.



Lex and her twin boys made it to the planned C-section at 32 weeks of pregnancy. "There was just a sense of elation in the air, like we made it," Lex recalled. The twins spent 30 days in the neonatal intensive care unit and went home healthy and happy.

Lex's twin boys are healthy and happy little men. Lex often posts pictures of their adorable identical faces on her Instagram page and shows that she dotes on them so often that one can't help but swoon!



Reflecting on her extremely rare pregnancy journey, Lex said, "If you can get therapy, get it because that made a world of difference and helped me reframe things. It also helps that my husband is just an uncannily positive person."

Lex's journey is a reminder that even though things may seem difficult because they're uncommon, tremendous joy can still come from them. Have you ever had something uncommon happen to you? How did you handle it?

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