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Woman Wakes up after 2 Years in Coma & Points to Brother as the One Responsible for Her Condition

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 20, 2022
12:50 P.M.
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Every family has its fair share of drama, but a sibling duo from Jackson County, West Virginia, proved that sometimes things could escalate beyond belief. Read one woman's shocking story that left the police speechless.


News headlines frequently report on cases of violence in homes worldwide. While hurting a relative might seem unfathomable to many people, it sadly happens more than most realize.

One woman was injured and spent two years in a coma, the hope of her recovery fading with each passing day. However, in 2022 a miracle took place.

Woman in a hospital bed. | Source: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Woman in a hospital bed. | Source: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio



Wanda Palmer experienced a life-changing moment in 2020, and the ordeal left people emotional and curious about what happened to her. Wanda suffered an attack, and her severe injuries rendered her motionless.

Neighbors discovered Wanda in a terrible state and rushed to get her medical attention. Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger didn't have much hope of seeing the woman recover. He said:

"I wouldn't have wagered a nickel for her life that morning, she was in that bad of shape. Quite honestly, she was unconscious, circling the drain medically."

Paramedic pushing a stretcher. | Source: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

Paramedic pushing a stretcher. | Source: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk


With the victim in an extended coma confined to spend every day in a nursing home, authorities were left to figure out who was responsible for the crime—and they struggled to determine who the guilty party was.


Finally, after two long years, police were provided with the evidence they had been looking for—it came from an unlikely but unmissable source.

They considered Wanda's brother, Daniel Palmer III, a suspect because he had a history of violence. However, they didn't have enough evidence to press charges.



A witness claimed they saw Daniel outside his sister's home on the day of the incident, but the suspect denied involvement, and investigators continued to hope for a breakthrough in the case. Mellinger added:

"We've been all over the state trying to eliminate suspects, develop leads, execute search warrants. We had some persons of interest, but it takes some time to eliminate others and narrow it down."



Finally, after two long years, police were provided with the evidence they had been looking for—it came from an unlikely but unmissable source. Mellinger shared:

"The keys to the whole thing lay with the victim herself and with her unable to communicate we were left with nothing. Now, two years later and boom, she’s awake and able to tell us exactly what happened."

Wanda miraculously woke up from her coma and had memories to share. Her caregiver notified authorities that she was speaking single words and appeared coherent.



The woman bravely recounted the ordeal she experienced and named her alleged attacker. Speaking with deputies in her nursing home in New Martinsville, Wanda claimed her brother Daniel was responsible for the crime.

Sherrif Mellinger was stunned by her account, and the team of investigators was thrilled about the significant development. Mellinger stated:

"From an investigator's standpoint, this is about as rare as it gets. I think it's a true testament to the perseverance and the strength of the victim herself."



Wanda remembered living in her trailer and could recall the attack. She also spoke about her head injury and had a possible justification for her brother's purported actions. Wanda noted that Daniel was "mean."

Her community was in awe after hearing about Wanda's recovery, and one member, Myssi Powers, who had known her for years, was grateful she was getting justice. Powers shared:

"For her to be able to wake up and give the name, thank God. That's all I can say, thank God, because she definitely deserves justice."


The community member also shared insight about Wanda's brother and noted that he was "not a good person." He was apprehended and taken into custody in July 2022. Hopefully, the sister will be able to find peace after the ordeal.

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