Passer-by Sees House on Fire, Runs inside to Rescue 4 Children

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 19, 2022
06:20 P.M.

Unsung heroes walk among us and show up when people need it most. One man was passing a house when he noticed that something was off. He didn't hesitate before jumping into action.


Would you risk your life for someone else, even if that person was a stranger? While most people stand on the sidelines and think about their safety first, others make brave and bold decisions.

One selfless man from Lafayette, Indiana, proved that not all heroes wear capes. He did something very few people would do, making a significant difference.

Body cam captures police and emergency services outside a burning house. | Source: Twitter.com/joesampaul

Body cam captures police and emergency services outside a burning house. | Source: Twitter.com/joesampaul


Nick Bostic's life took an unexpected turn in 2022. He was driving in a neighborhood in the early hours of a typical Monday morning, unaware that everything would change in a few minutes.

In a display of Bostic's genuine heroism and kind-heartedness, he was recorded asking a simple but emotional question.


Bostic saw flames raging in a house and slammed on his car's breaks. He couldn't ignore the emergency, and as he pulled into the driveway, he made a dangerous choice.


Bostic ran into the burning home and was shocked by what he found inside. The passerby saw people sleeping and woke them, immediately urging the family to escape the billowing flames.

The three children and a young adult made it outside safely when they realized someone was missing. Bostic's courage was endless, and the hero ran back into the house. Amid the smoke and flames, he found the fourth child crying upstairs.


Police revealed:

"[Bostic] wrapped his shirt around his mouth and nose and plunged into the blackness. [He]crawled on the ground, feeling in front of him with his hands, and used the child’s cries to help him locate her."


Bostic had to do something dangerous to get them out of the building. Holding the youngster in his arms, Bostic leaped out of the home's second-floor window. He shared:


"I grabbed her and held her snug and I ran up those stairs like a running back for the Colts. I jumped out that window."


A police body cam captured the man's bravery, and the emotional moment touched many people. Dramatically, he came running from the burning building.

In a display of Bostic's genuine heroism and kind-heartedness, he was recorded asking a simple but emotional question. As authorities treated his injuries and applied a tourniquet, he asked:


"Is the baby OK? Please tell me that baby's OK."


Many people applauded Bostic, and his actions were deemed noble and worthy of praise. However, he feels differently. He didn't regard himself as a hero and stated:

"If it were me up there trapped, or asleep and there was a fire, I’d be hoping that the guy driving would consider doing the same if they were able to.



Randy Sherer of the Lafayette Police Department continued to thank Bostic for his inspiring and selfless actions. Sherer added: "He has impressed many with his courage, tenacity, and steadfast calmness in the face of such perilous danger."

Bostic also reportedly suffered severe injuries, and his cousin, Richard Stair, organized a fundraiser to cover the medical bills. People were eager to help and raised more than $200,000 for the hero.



The online community was left speechless watching the man's bravery. He put others first and endured pain and suffering for people he didn't know. One netizen wrote:

"The world needs to celebrate heroes. Nick Bostic saved a whole family from a burning house. Bravo, sir."

Another user stated, "That's what good guys do." Commenters wished the hero a speedy recovery and said his actions gave them hope for the future, making them believe there was still good in the world.



Countless people praised Bostic and highlighted the importance of recognizing everyday heroes. Many also stated that they wished they had his courage. One netizen said:

"I hope I have this kind of courage in a moment like this. I can say I would. But he showed he had it. He's a legitimate hero."

Click here for another story about a hero worthy of praise and applause. He rescued a little girl from a fire, and almost two decades later, she thanked him for saving her life–it was an emotional reunion neither of them would forget.

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