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Confused Bride Stands Next to the Road, Asks Stranger for Help & Hops into His Car

Stephen Thompson
Jul 24, 2022
10:00 P.M.
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Marksteen Adamson was on his way to a reunion on a sunny day when he stopped at a pedestrian crossing after noticing a bride looking stranded on the streets. However, as he stopped, the bride approached him and asked for his help in saving her wedding.


The emotions, traditions, and vows displayed and exchanged during a wedding ceremony make it a special day -- one of the most important days of a person's life.

Apart from the planning that goes into the bride and groom's costume, what food to provide the guests, and music choices, many things need to go right to make the day perfect and memorable.


However, while planning the more essential things like venue or costumes, it is also important not to forget tiny details like how the bride and groom will get to the event on time.

On what is unarguably one of a person's most significant days, it would be tragic if getting to the event proved to be the stumbling block that destroyed other aspects of the ceremony.

Nevertheless, a bride-to-be on the streets of London was at risk of being late to the venue of her special day until a helper showed up.



Marksteen Adamson was driving through London traffic on his way to visit friends for a reunion in South East London when he noticed something unusual.

A bride was standing at a pedestrian crossing in full wedding attire, looking slightly confused and flustered. However, Adamson thought it would be a great idea to see the bride walk the pedestrian crossing in full regalia, so he decided to film it.


But as he brought out his phone and started recording, he realized the bride had seen him and was now walking toward his car and gesturing.

Once the bride-to-be came near enough, she surprisingly asked Adamson for help. She expressed so much urgency in her voice, saying she had to get to church. Adamson was surprised by her request; nevertheless, he asked the bride-to-be and her group to jump in and give him directions.



As Adamson rushed through traffic to get the bride, who declared her name was Anastasya, to church on time, she explained how she found herself in that situation.

According to Anastasya, she, her bridesmaid, and her team had been trying to get to church by ordering Uber cabs. Sadly, three of the cabs had canceled the trip at the last minute.

When Adamson picked her up, she was already 45 minutes late, and her groom and anyone of importance was waiting for her at Holy Trinity Church in Brompton, London.

Anastasya seen stranded on the street | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson

Anastasya seen stranded on the street | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson


In the short time spent in the car on their way to the church, Adamson, Anastasya, and her group got to know each other better through several conversations.

Thankfully, Adamson got her to the church on time, and as they arrived, the Vicar walked up to meet Anastasya. The bride-to-be expressed gratitude for the help Adamson rendered her and the team.

Anastasya narrating her ordeal to Adamson | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson

Anastasya narrating her ordeal to Adamson | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson


As he drove off, Adamson could hear the sound of the organ ring out, which meant the wedding was proceeding as planned, even though a little later than usual.

"After I dropped her off, I heard the sound of the organ ring out and knew everything was going to be alright. It was a beautiful sunny day." Adamson noted.

Anastasya getting dropped off at the church | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson

Anastasya getting dropped off at the church | Source: TikTok/marksteenadamson


Adamson had recorded some parts of his encounter with Anastasya and posted it on his TikTok with a caption that narrated the whole situation. Since putting up the post, the clip has been liked over 84 thousand times and garnered over 800 comments.

Many people praised Adamson for his kind gesture in getting Anastasya to church and how that probably saved her wedding.

Meanwhile, others saw the funny side of the encounter, with one person joking about how Adamson might run into her in a year when she is probably on her way to the maternity ward.

Adamson had undoubtedly saved Anastasya's special day with his willingness to help a stranger, and the pair would not forget that encounter anytime soon.

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