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Mom-Of-3 Is Accidentally Late to Her Own Wedding, Is Dumped by the Groom for This

Stephen Thompson
Jul 02, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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A mom-of-three from Essex would never forget how her story went viral due to the series of mishaps that took place on the day she was to walk down the aisle.


Nichola Tuohy had everything set up for her big day -- her wedding dress, a dashing groom, her supportive kids, and a perfectly rehearsed church session a day before the wedding.

However, she woke up on her wedding morning, and it was a whole different ball game. All that Tuohy had planned seemed to be going awry as she frantically tried to keep things together.



The touching story of Nichola Tuohy, an Essex native with three children, made it to the news in 2016 after her groom, Darren, angrily called off their wedding. It all boiled down to how she arrived late to the ceremony and missed the whole church service.

While it seemed like she stood her husband-to-be up on their big day, Tuohy had a busy morning barely enough for her to handle. Knowing that she had missed the church service, she drove down to the reception, hoping to manage to convince her groom to get on with the wedding.


However, Darren was livid and could not be calmed. While she tried to beg for the event to be continued, he walked off, expressing his disinterest in wanting to continue with the ceremony. Speaking about the pathetic situation, Tuohy shared with The Sun:

"It was my fault. I just got so overwhelmed with things to do on the day that I had a meltdown. I feel like I have lost everything."

Darren also spoke about their ruined ceremony stating that it was a considerable factor in their inability to see eye-to-eye. He noted that it was not something he could easily shake off.



Tuohy revealed to The Sun that the day before her wedding was perfect, but when she woke up on the big day, she had a huge to-do list. Nevertheless, Tuohy prepared for her wedding promptly, making it down to the department store where she had booked a makeup session earlier.

The Hornchurch resident recalled how she did not feel like herself after the makeup was applied, so she went home and took it all off. By then, she barely had 90 minutes before the church service.

Tuohy got home, and to her surprise, her younger kids were still there with her parents. Her oldest child was already in church with her spouse. She shared that her parents backed down from attending the wedding because they disapproved of it.

A bride getting a makeup session | Source: Pexels

A bride getting a makeup session | Source: Pexels

With every passing minute, Tuohy was closer to missing the church service, but she quickly gathered herself together and ushered her kids into the car. She drove off to the hotel to prepare, but there was yet another obstacle.


She encountered some issues with the hotel payment but was able to sort it out and head to the room assigned to her. It was there she discovered they had left her daughter's flower girl dress at home. At this point, Tuohy had a meltdown and began to cry.

Her makeup was undone, her dress was still in her car's trunk, and her daughter's dress was nowhere to be found. Then, as if things could not get any worse, Tuohy received a call from her bridesmaid, who said she could not make it anymore.

A broken bride sitting on a pavement while crying | Source: Pexels

A broken bride sitting on a pavement while crying | Source: Pexels


By then, she was fed up and could not pull herself together. She put a call through to Darren, who told her to hurry up. The church was 20 miles away, and she barely had 30 minutes left.

The situation got even more obscure when Tuohy got in the vintage car that was supposed to take her to church and found out her kids could not ride in it because it had no seatbelts. She shared:

"It was only supposed to be taking me, but now I had the kids I knew I couldn't put them in a car with no seat belts. I was in such a panic."

A bride sitting in a car backseat | Source: Pexels

A bride sitting in a car backseat | Source: Pexels


Ultimately, she missed the church ceremony, and with her defeated demeanor, Tuohy headed to the reception of her wedding instead. Darren, who had been pleading with the vicar, was furious that their wedding day was ruined.

Days after he stormed off their $17,000 wedding ceremony, Tuohy continued asking for forgiveness. The couple tried continuing their relationship, but the ruined wedding hung over them like a dark cloud.

Woman wearing a white wedding gown holding a flower bouquet | Source: Pexels

Woman wearing a white wedding gown holding a flower bouquet | Source: Pexels


It eventually led to the end of their relationship. Tuohy relayed that she and Darren drifted apart, which was the end. The mom-of-three stated that she felt lost and hoped he would forgive her someday.

The pleasure of love lasts but a moment, but the pain of love lasts a lifetime. Tuohy will forever remember her well-planned wedding day that became a disaster at the last minute; however, she can only learn to move on.

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