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Widow Sees Daily Visitor, Believes It's a Sign from Her Beloved Late Husband of 70 Years

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 25, 2022
12:30 A.M.
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After a woman's husband of 70 years passed away, a strange visitor showed up at her home almost every day, making her believe it was a sign from her late husband, who was more than a best friend to her.


Do you believe people can send signs after they die? Many people think their deceased relatives and friends can send them signs in different forms. They consider it a way to communicate with their loved ones who have left this world.

The elderly woman in today's story also felt her beloved late husband was trying to interact with her. The woman's granddaughter shared a clip of the unusual daily visitor, which went viral in no time.

A photograph of Robert and Ranna. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2

A photograph of Robert and Ranna. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2



Shai Dunseath's grandmother, Ranna, revealed how she met the love of her life and her late husband, Robert. It all started before the 1950s when Ranna's cousin Alice pushed her to join the Young People's Club at their local church in California.

Excited, Ranna accompanied Alice to the club and enjoyed bowling on Sunday nights. While looking for more fun activities, Ranna and Alice stumbled upon a German club, but it wasn't that easy to get into this new club. Ranna recalled:

"At first, they didn't accept us too well because we were a lot younger than the people that were in the German club."

Robert and Ranna. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2

Robert and Ranna. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2


One evening, an Irish boy from Ranna's group became friends with the members of the German club, and after that day, they allowed Ranna and Alice to come to the club anytime. Ranna said:


"And we did! And we loved to dance the German dances."

Soon, Alice's sister moved to California and stayed at the same place where Ranna and Alice lived. She also accompanied them to the club and loved dancing there. Meanwhile, a guy named Robert, also known as Bob, caught Alice's attention. She thought her younger sister and Bob would make a great couple.



Ranna and Alice tried their best to pair Bob with Alice's younger sister, but it didn't work. Soon, they realized Alice's sister was interested in another guy, so they stopped trying to pair her up with Bob.

A few days later, Ranna went to a club with her group where they all had planned to dance. Out of nowhere, she met Bob on the dance floor and began dancing with him. She recalled:

"We were dancing, and then all of the other guys started kidding us about being together, and we made a nice couple on the floor."



Ranna recalled that she wasn't bothered by what other people said about her and Bob. However, they soon started dating, and one day, Bob proposed marriage. She recounted:

"I was flabbergasted about that, and I said no."

The then-young Ranna wasn't ready to get married. She was still studying and hadn't thought about starting a new chapter of her life. After she turned down Bob's marriage proposal, they continued to date for another two years before Ranna reconsidered marrying Bob.



Right before graduating, Ranna thought she was ready to get married to Bob. On July 8, 1950, Ranna and Bob tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. Since both of them were at an early stage of their career, they didn't have enough money to host a lavish wedding ceremony. Ranna recalled:

"I was living on what I was making working at the Broadway Department Store, and Bob had just gotten a new job, so he wasn't making very much."

"Now, when I look back on everything, I think that God sent him to me," Ranna confessed. She felt her husband Robert made her feel better and taught her how important it is to love others. However, while marrying him, Ranna hadn't thought she would have to say goodbye to him after a few decades.



After being married to Robert most of her life, Ranna gave people advice for "a long happy marriage" on her granddaughter, Dunseath's TikTok account. Ranna said:

"I don't want to sound soupy, but it's love. I think it's love."

She believed couples who love each other keep finding ways to keep the spark alive as they grow older. However, Ranna had to bid farewell to Robert on February 3, 2020, almost 70 years after tying the knot with him.



After her husband's demise, Ranna moved to an assisted-living facility. Dunseath's aunt and uncle lived nearby and often came to visit her. There was nothing out of the ordinary in her life until a strange visitor came to see her at the facility almost two years after Robert's death.

In a TikTok video, Dunseath revealed that an owl came to the facility Ranna was living in, and it was unusual to see the bird come so close to Ranna. The owl also chatted with Ranna, which made her think it was a sign from Robert. Dunseath recalled:

"We were all shocked. I mean, I've lived here my whole life; I've never even seen an owl, and to be able to get within inches of him. He's very calm."

Ranna and the owl. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2

Ranna and the owl. | Source: Tiktok.com/shaix_2


Dunseath revealed that the owl also went to other people's balconies, but he spent most of the time on Ranna's balcony. After she posted about the owl chatting with Ranna, her TikTok video went viral. It racked up more than 7.5M views. Dunseath said:


"This guy just comes and hangs out with my grandma every so often. We think it's my grandpa."

Ranna and Robert's story teaches us that love exists even when one's partner dies. It didn't matter if Robert had left Ranna. She still found a way to remember him and cherish his love.


Have you ever received a sign from your loved one? Do you think people can send signs after dying? We'd love to know what you think about this story of eternal love.

Share Ranna's story with your friends and family who believe in eternal love. They might relate to her story.

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