Gillian Turner Is Much More than a Fox News Correspondent – Inside Her Personal Life

Bettina Dizon
Aug 05, 2022
09:45 A.M.

Gillian Turner is a successful news correspondent and a wonderful mom who once worked in the White House. Here's more about her life behind the scenes and perspective as a new mom.


Gillian Turner is known for her work as a news correspondent on FOX News Channel. She is a brilliant woman who carries herself well and tries to keep her life private.

However, she has shared glimpses of her personal life over the years, especially since becoming a mother. Here's what we know about the accomplished television personality.



Born on September 6, 1982, in Cape Town, South Africa, where her parents resided, Gillian is the older sister of Nick Turner. Although she moved to the United States, she visits her homeland every year.

She graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, with a master's degree in African security studies. She also graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in comparative politics.

Before joining the broadcast industry, Gillian was part of the White House staff as a National Security Council staff member. She was also a senior associate at Jones Group International, a strategy group led by then-National Security Advisor James Jones.


In her Instagram bio, Gillian described herself as a "White House Nat’l Security Council, Bush & Obama Admins" and a "Washington Correspondent" at Fox News. Gillian joined the network in 2014 as a contributor. "It can really be ugly behind the scenes," she said. "You really have to be tough at a young age and absorb a lot of criticism."

Gillian became a mother on July 17, 2021, welcoming a daughter, Coco Rose Kramer, with her husband, Alex. Gillian has since become more open to the public about her personal life.


Beyond her career, Gillian enjoys paddleboarding with her partner and their dogs. She was also a professional ballerina who trained with the Pennsylvania Ballet.


Gillian is the daughter of Rachel Isadora, a famous author. Isadora divorced Gillian's father a long time ago and has since remarried. It seems the news correspondent has a good relationship with her stepfather and once quoted him in a tweet, saying, "There's a lotta hope but no chance."


With her red-blonde hair and high cheekbones, Isadora was a beauty and nurtured her passion for the craft from the age of six. Her talent landed her a Ford Foundation scholarship at the prestigious George Balanchine's School of American Ballet. She trained under big names, including George Balanchine, the New York City ballet founder, choreographer, and artistic director.

Her dancing brought her to stages in London, New York, and Boston, but unfortunately, a foot injury cost Isadora her career. Still, she pursued another career that entailed creativity; she became an illustrator and writer for children's books. Some of her works have even been turned into films, dances, and songs.


Isadora's first book, "Max," was about a young baseball player's love for baseball and ballet. He found a passion for the latter when he passed by his sister's class and used the dance as a means to warm up for his games. She said:

"It was very innovative for 1976 and a precursor to the movie 'Billy Elliot.' It's still in print, which is amazing, and gave me entry into the world of children's books."


Her most notable book to date is the award-winning "Ben's Trumpet," which is about a jazz musician in the '20s. Gillian's mom used the era's art-deco style to capture the titular character's talent.

She has since published around 200 books and had solo painting exhibits, inspired mainly by ballet and dance. She often uses landscapes and silhouettes in her artwork. Isadora said:

"Work like this is a dancer's fantasy. Because ballet is so demanding, dancers' stage careers are short. They can only dream of going on and on forever. With art, I can go on and on, and for me, it's the only work that compares in intensity and joy."



Gillian is happily married to Alex Kramer, a successful man on his career path. Although Gillian does not disclose details about their relationship, it is known that they met in South Africa. She kept him away from the limelight for the longest time and only confirmed their marriage in 2019.

Born on April 14, Kramer, a South African native, has a master's degree in product design and development management. He got his bachelor's degree in art direction at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business in South Africa.

He is the creator and co-founder of Strika Entertainment, an African-based kids' entertainment media company. Their product, Supa Strikas, has been launched in different networks, including Nickelodeon and Disney, in more than 160 countries.


Gillian's husband also gained experience in several startups and eventually landed a vice-president position in the design and marketing department of Optoro. In February 2021, Gillian revealed that her husband finally became a U.S. citizen, making America their new homeland.

Previously, Gillian went on a much-deserved family vacation in Paris to celebrate Mother's Day with her husband and daughter.


Gillian became a mother on July 17, 2021, welcoming a daughter, Coco Rose Kramer, with her husband, Alex. Gillian has since become more open about her personal life, sharing photos of her daughter.

As observed from her posts, Gillian gave her little one the moniker, Coconut. After giving birth, the mom-of-one reflected on her life during maternity leave and her fears as a mother. "Before I went on leave before Coco was born, four months looked to me like an insurmountable amount of time to be away from my job," she said.


However, with her daughter around, a "24-hour news cycle" feels like forever. Gillian's outlook on time, love, and life has changed. "I've never been happier than during these past few months, and it's gone in a blink," she said.

Although Coco is still a child, Gillian knows how fast she can grow up before anyone notices. She confessed:

"I think having this new understanding of time [will] make me appreciate all the different parts of my job more – the easy & hard; the fabulous & the gritty; the exciting and the mundane… because I have a better understanding that all the moments are fleeting."


On the other hand, Gillian also fears missing out on her daughter's milestones. "I'm also apprehensive and anxious to leave Coco every day now that I know what I'll be missing," she stated.

Previously, Gillian went on a much-deserved family vacation in Paris to celebrate Mother's Day with her husband and daughter. She shows that one can be a good mother while working hard in their career.


Like Gillian, fellow Fox News anchor Bret Baier also proves that career success can happen while raising a family. Baier is a father to two boys, whom he shares with his wife, Amy. Although they live a relatively peaceful life, the couple once feared for their son Paul's life.

A few hours after his birth, Paul was diagnosed with five congenital heart defects and had to undergo an emergency open-heart surgery. By the time he turned seven, Paul had already had three heart surgeries. It was no easy feat for their family to surpass the difficulties, but hope has brought them closer to each other.

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