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Joy Behar Reveals She 'Almost Died' during 2nd Pregnancy — After That She Became Single & Didn't Have More Kids

Daniella Segell
Aug 04, 2022
11:45 A.M.
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For many women, becoming a mother is the greatest gift of all. However, there are also many women who suffer throughout their pregnancies and even during childbirth. The "The View" host, Joy Behar, is one of the latter.


Behar is a mother to only one daughter, even though she has been pregnant twice. Behar welcomed her only child, Eve, in 1970 with her ex-husband, Joe. Joe and Behar got married in 1965, but by 1981, they had divorced.

Despite her divorce from Joe, Behar maintained a close relationship with her daughter. By 39 years old, Behar was broke and jobless. She didn't know what she would do to support her daughter.


Behar had her mother around at that time, so she always had a babysitter for Eve, and by the time Eve was 11, Behar had started her career as a stand-up comedian, which eventually led to her becoming a household name.

The star has been through many hardships in her life, from being a single mother to surviving a near-fatal health scare. However, she has overcome these struggles more robustly than ever before.



Nine years after Eve was born, Behar fell pregnant again, but this time the pregnancy did not have a happy ending. The talk show host was rushed to hospital during her second pregnancy and almost lost her life.

Behar's second pregnancy was ectopic, which meant that her baby was growing on her fallopian tube. The fetus grew, but not to full term, only enough to burst her fallopian tube. The pregnancy would never have resulted in a healthy baby.


She said that when this happens, the person bleeds internally and can die. This is what happened to Behar as she recalled:

“The doctor the next day said, ‘We almost lost you,’ I almost died”

Behar shared her struggles with her second pregnancy openly to help other women going through similar struggles to deal with their pain. However, not much was said about the baby's father.


The star simply said that she was able to go to a clinic where they helped her through the ordeal, and she was then left alone. She also said that she neither miscarried the pregnancy nor terminated it.

Although Behar's second pregnancy was very difficult for her, it was not the only struggle she had faced in life as she was a single mother in the 1980s with no money and no job prospects. She didn't know where to turn.

Being a single woman in the '80s with no job left her in a compromising position and she knew that she had to find a job soon so that she could support herself and her young daughter. However, the career path she ended on was very different from the one she started on.


Behar graduated college as a qualified schoolteacher. However, she was fired for encouraging her students to take firm political stances. This led her to understand that teaching was not for her.

She then became a receptionist on "Good Morning America." While she now had a job, she was hostile because she had a Master's Degree and felt that answering phones did not fit that persona. She then decided that she had to branch out ultimately.

The star then found stand-up comedy. Although Behar knew it would be difficult to become a stand-up comedian, she knew she would regret it if she didn't try it. Despite her reservations, she went for it.


She worked many odd jobs while building up her stand-up routine to a point where she was entertaining many people. She knew she would be good at it because she said everyone on "Good Morning America" thought she was funny.

In 1997, she finally landed her big break starring on "The View," and she hasn't looked back since! Behar took a short break from the show from 2013 to 2015, but had otherwise been part of the furniture there since the late '90s.

She has shared that she enjoys her time on the show now more than she ever has as she enjoys the people that she hosts with and revealed that there are no divas on the set of the show.




Behar knows what it is like to struggle, so being able to truly enjoy her life at the age of 79 is truly something special for the star. She has finally found peace and contentment that she never knew before.

Although many people have speculated that Behar might retire from "The View" soon, she has shut down the rumors by announcing that she has just signed another three-year deal with the show.


The show host has no intention of slowing down in terms of work, but also said that she would leave the show if it felt right to her. She shared:

“I have a three-year contract. But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave if I want to, because they can’t really do anything to me at this point.”

Aside from work, Behar is enjoying her marriage to her husband, Steve Janowitz, who she only married after 29 years of dating. The couple met in 1982, but waited until same-sex marriage was legalized in New York before they tied the knot.


Behar also quipped that she waited for all of their parents to be dead before they got married so that they wouldn't have to worry about in-laws. She joked:

“‘Cause marriage is mostly about in-laws, I find. They always want you to visit them and come for lasagna.”

She also confessed that they enjoy sitting on the floor naked, eating cannoli, and watching their favorite TV shows together.

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