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Chicago Mom Sees Her Son, 5, Die in Front of Her House after Being Hit by a Car

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 15, 2022
03:45 P.M.

Tragedy can strike when we least expect it and turn life upside down instantly. One family's worst nightmare came true, and the experience left them shattered.


Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging things anyone can face. It leaves people devastated, confused and heartbroken. When parents lose their kids, they grieve deeply and struggle to cope with the shock.

A typical night in the Edgebrook neighborhood on Chicago's Far North Side quickly turned into a scene of trauma and tears. The victim was an innocent five-year-old boy.


Taha Khan was a lovable, shy little boy known to spread joy wherever he went. He had a bright future, and his parents couldn't wait to see him grow into a fine young man. Taha's dad, Shahzad Khan, shared:


"He was excited to be going to pre-kindergarten. He was happy to be at school."

Woman at the scene of an accident involving Taha Khan. | Source: Youtube.com/CBS Chicago

Woman at the scene of an accident involving Taha Khan. | Source: Youtube.com/CBS Chicago


Tragically, Kaha's parents would never get the chance to see him develop through the many exciting phases of life. While Shahzad was chatting to a neighbor at around 9 p.m. in August 2022, his son slipped out their front door.

The Khan family wanted justice for the heartbreakingly tragic crime. They hoped someone captured the inexcusable incident on camera so the guilty party would be brought to book.

Taha was alone for a brief moment when the Khans heard a loud and terrifying sound. They immediately ran to the road in front of their home, aware of the busy and dangerous streets. To their shock and horror, they saw their son on the road.



Kaha's mom, Misbah Khan, first saw him through the window, and the scenes traumatized her. She painfully expressed: "Looking out the windows and seeing my son dying in front of my house."

Neighbor Angel Badlebo also recalled the devastating moment:

"I heard a car hit something, but not another car, not an accident. When I [went] to see him, they [gave] him CPR. I [knew] that he [was] my neighbor's son."



Authorities revealed that a red Jeep hit Kaha. The driver of the SUV didn't stop and fled the scene after his life-altering actions. Shockingly, the little boy was struck a second time.

Someone driving an XC70 Volvo was the culprit, but they pulled over to assist. The driver of the Volvo even performed CPR while emergency services were on their way. The devastated mother recalled the ordeal:

"He [was] not responding when we [touched] him. We [called] his name. Other people [gave] him CPR. I [was] panicking, praying, please ambulance, please come."



Tragically, it was too late to save Taha's life, and neighbors in the area were outraged by the fatal incident. They noted that the roads in the area were known for speeding.

Community members hoped road safety measures would be implemented to prevent further bloodshed. Robert Badelbo added:

"Teenagers, 18, 19, they drive race cars, 80, 90, 100 miles. Enough is enough. How many victims should this take?"



The Khan family wanted justice for the heartbreakingly tragic crime. They hoped someone captured the inexcusable incident on camera so the guilty party would be brought to book.

The little boy's father wanted the culprit to come forward so they could gain closure and their son could rest in peace. The dad also shared a statement on behalf of his family. He said:


"It pains us that Taha is not here anymore. He had a great future ahead of him that was taken away too soon. We are focused on being together as a family. We hope the person who did this is caught."


Losing a loved one is never easy, and relatives struggle to come to terms with it. Coping in the aftermath of a life-changing experience can also be challenging.

Experts note that parents struggle to understand why their kids passed away, and because the pain cuts so deeply, they cannot move on. There are a few helpful tips for loved ones trying to heal—this includes seeking professional help.

It is recommended that family members get help from experts to deal with the trauma. Grieving loved ones must lean on family members for help, and it is also a good idea to find an additional support group.


Ultimately, parents must get back into a routine and encourage the rest of their relatives to do the same. It won't be easy, and the loss will always be felt. However, healing must take place to move forward and continue with life.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Taha's family as they grieve his tragic passing. RIP, little one!

for another story about a youngster who lost his life. The little boy's mom found the strength to forgive the guilty party, but she had one question for him.

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