Amarah Dean Is Not Only Whoopi Goldberg’s Granddaughter an Alex Dean’s Daughter - She Is an Artist

Akhona Zungu
Aug 19, 2022
08:20 A.M.

In an interview, Amarah Dean opened up about her life, her passions, and relationships with the world and her loved ones, along with some mixed feelings about her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg.


Amarah Dean notes some qualities she appreciates about the talk show host, actress, and grandmother Whoopi Goldberg. She told Essence about her grandmother being iconic, having strong political opinions, and often sharing words that hold significant substance.

However, Amarah's relationship with her grandmother is not the same as Whoopi's relationship with the world as a well-known public figure. Amarah expressed her love for Whoopi, but she sometimes found her annoying. Regardless, Whoopi and her granddaughter remain very close to each other.

Amarah Dean and Alexandrea Martin-Dean attend the "Strut" New York Premeire in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Amarah Dean and Alexandrea Martin-Dean attend the "Strut" New York Premeire in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Amarah Dean is also known as Amarah Skye, her artistic name. Per Closer Weekly, Amarah drew her first breath on November 13, 1989, bearing the Scorpio zodiac sign, and becoming Whoopi Goldberg's first grandchild.


Her mother is Whoopi Goldberg's only daughter, Alexandrea Martin, who welcomed Amarah at 16. The details of Amarah's birth are unknown, including those of Amarah's biological father.

By the time Alex was 20 years old, she had fallen head over heels for a businessman named Bernard Dean, and the pair married in 1993. They also welcomed Amarah's younger siblings, Jerzey Dean, born in 1995, and Mason, born in 1998.


Amarah has dabbled in different forms of creative expression. According to Closer Weekly, she is a model. Her Essence issue reported that she considers herself a painter and a doodle artist and fosters a deep appreciation for storytelling.

Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter shared she had an overwhelming amount of stories that she wanted the world to know but was unsure of how to express herself. She told Essence:

“My mind is just so filled with thoughts and things that I feel need to be put out there. I don’t know how to put them out there, but I know that it needs to be heard.”


Although Amarah lives most of her life privately, she is currently a contestant on the reality TV show "Claim To Fame," hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas.

She posted a snap taken from an episode of the show and encouraged fans in the caption to see whether she could keep her identity hidden from other contestants.


The show's premise is that, through the games designed, contestants need to try and figure out which celebrities the others are related to. The one who stays in the house the longest without being figured out wins $100 000.

Amarah was initially skeptical about joining the show, harboring suspicions regarding how she was cast via DM. She asked her grandmother for advice on a way forward, and Whoopi also had her concerns. However, everything turned out well for the artist.


During her interview, she revealed that her grandmother told her it would be her "big break." Unlike her grandmother, Dean also shared how she never wanted to break into the acting industry, despite her artistic inclinations.

Dean recalled the conversation she had with Whoopi about a potential acting career. Although it seems she expected her grandmother to try and dictate what passions she should pursue, she encouraged her to "open herself up to everything" instead.


Whoopi Goldberg posed while smiling with baby Amarah in the black and white picture above. Amarah posted this photographic portrait as a birthday tribute to herself and her grandmother.


Closer Weekly reported that Amarah is not only a wife but also a mother. The model welcomed her first child, Charli Rose, in April 2014, making Whoopi a great-grandmother. Whoopi was so overwhelmed with joy that she posted a video of herself feeding the baby girl and bonding with her. She also admitted to feeling awkward as she hadn't fed a newborn in well over three decades. She wrote:

“Everyone meet the new addition to my family Charli Rose and yea I'm a tad awkward it took me a minute been a LONG time! #thankGod4newlife!”


Amarah posts pictures of her daughter, Charli, regularly on social media. She is the spitting image of her mother and has her eyes.


In 2013, Amarah was reported to have married a man named Chris, with whom she shares her daughter. It seems that Chris was present during the first years of his daughter's life.

Although Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter and Chris have several photos together, the status of their relationship eludes public knowledge. It remains unknown whether they are still together, as she does not mention him during her Essence interview.

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