Donavia Walker | Source: youtube.com/truly | facebook.com/polkcountypublicschools
Donavia Walker | Source: youtube.com/truly | facebook.com/polkcountypublicschools

People Put Down Little Girl Born without Arms — She Refused to Give Up and Proved Them Wrong

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 14, 2023
10:00 A.M.

As one mother from Florida lay in her hospital bed, she watched in confusion while doctors and nurses rushed around her, seemingly in a state of panic. But as soon as she laid eyes on her newborn daughter, she understood why they were all so flustered.


Tisa Jones couldn't understand why her family cried after she delivered her baby. However, things made sense when she discovered her child, Donavia Walker, was born without arms.

The realization left her speechless, but the infant still had a wonderful life ahead of her. In time, her unbelievable bravery caught everyone's attention, and she managed to do things many people said were impossible.

Donavia Walker | Source: youtube.com/truly

Donavia Walker | Source: youtube.com/truly

Doctors Broke the Mother's Trust

Walker was diagnosed with amelia, a rare condition that prevents limbs from developing. Her mom felt betrayed by the medical personnel because she claimed they did not prepare her for it. She recalled the ordeal inside her hospital room:


"I'm asking my mom and my aunt: 'What's wrong with her?' and then I took a glance over, and I saw one of her arms were missing. I'm like: 'She is missing an arm' and that's when [the doctor] tells me she is missing both of them."

Jones believed the ultrasound technician should have informed her about her baby's condition. Regardless, she already adored her special little one and was excited to take her home. The mother had no idea she was leaving the hospital with a little warrior.

Navigating the World without Arms


As Walker got older, she displayed resilience and courage in her everyday tasks. She was different from other kids, but not because of her lack of arms. Her determination is what made her unique.

While many people in her position might have given up, Walker figured out ways to navigate the world. She learned how to crawl and use her feet for various tasks, including tying shoes, using the toilet, and feeding herself. Her mom added:

"I noticed she would grab stuff with her foot, so I'm like, I'm just gonna let her do it her way ... She does everything in the bathroom herself; I'm still trying to figure out how, but she does it."


The Determined Teen Refused to Be Held Back

As Walker got older, she started helping around the house with chores, even washing the dishes with her feet. She took control of her life and refused to let her condition hold her back from anything.

Jones was proud of the strong child she raised. By the time Walker was a teenager, she had learned how to drive and joined the Junior Reserve Officer cadet (JROTC). She trained harder than everyone else and worked her way up to the squad commander position.

While checking impressive things off her to-do- list, Walker never forgot the most important mission of her life: inspiring everybody around her.


She Proved Naysayers Wrong with Her Resilience

The youngster wanted to make a difference and inspire other disabled people. Sadly, her life was not always easy, and she faced criticism. Walker shared:

"People would put me down because they didn't think I could do as much as I can."

People told her she couldn't do certain things because they required using her hands, but she found a way around it and proved them wrong.


Nothing Was Impossible for the Brave Teen

Walker participated in football and loved her time as a cheerleader at school. However, the teen's true spirit came to light after she joined the JROTC program and started leading her platoon.

She even signed up for rock climbing and archery—nothing was impossible! Along the way, Walker's positive attitude and boldness left a mark on those around her.

Her instructor was a US army veteran, and he was inspired by the teen every day. Sergeant Major Rudy Carter trained Walker for three years, and he would never forget her.


Her Drive Impacted Lives

Sergeant Carter had high hopes for Walker, and she never disappointed him, always going above and beyond what people thought she was capable of.

Her passion impacted the way the sergeant lived his life, and it also influenced her fellow cadets. Sergeant Carter shared:

"Every day that I see her walk through my classroom is a day that I realize that when I get up in the morning, there is nothing that should limit me or nothing should hold me back."


The Teen's Hope and Mission in Life

While checking impressive things off her to-do- list, Walker never forgot the most important mission of her life: inspiring everybody around her. She encouraged disabled people to love themselves.

Walker also never fails to amaze her family. They are sure she will continue to achieve great things, and although she has been underestimated and judged, nothing kept her down.

Whenever someone said Walker couldn't do something, it simply fuelled her desire to show them she could. She is an inspiration, and we wish her the best in the future!

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