Gwen Stefani | Source: Getty Images
Gwen Stefani | Source: Getty Images

'She Can’t Even Smile Straight’: Fans Discuss Gwen Stefani’s Mouth amid Her 54th Birthday Celebration

Vanessa Seifert
Oct 04, 2023
05:30 P.M.

Gwen Stefani just turned 54! The mother of three shows no signs of stopping as she constantly expands her career. As she gets older, her priority is to feel her best. However, fans noticed something different about the singer's face.


Gwen Stefani just turned 54 and shows no signs of stopping. Stefani has had multiple career ventures, from singing to fashion designing, and is now starting her own make-up brand.


However, the singer found herself in the hot seat after fans noticed a concerning detail about her face. Stefani recently shared a video of her with some of "The Voice" constants that she coaches. She spoke fondly of the group, saying they were like her "shadow."

In the video, she was seen wearing a black and white checkered matching set. The outfit comprised a strapless cropped top with a sweetheart neckline and a short skirt. She had her iconic blonde hair tied into a tight ponytail.


However, as Stefani raved about how amazing her group was, fans were concerned about her lips. "What did you do to your lips?" remarked a commenter, while another insinuated, "She can’t even smile straight" from the work they assumed she got done on her face.

More internet users were shocked at the look on her lips and continued to ask questions. "What did Gwen Stefani do to her face? Particularly in the mouth region?"


While internet users criticize Stefani for her appearance, her husband, Blake Shelton, remains in awe of her beauty. The country singer, who was also named 2017's People's Sexiest Man, expressed how lucky he felt to have Stefani as his wife.


He said his favorite look of hers was when she had no makeup on, but each day, he was more shocked at how well she was aging. Shelton also loved her signature red lip so much that he wrote a song about it. He said, "When she gets fixed up, she's beautiful. There is no question about it. Her red lips are her signature, so it got written into the song."


Shelton and Stefani have been living in marital bliss and are unafraid to gush over each other. For his wife's birthday, the country singer shared a sweet photo of them smiling, accompanied by a heartfelt caption. "Happy Birthday to my favorite all-time person ever born in any time period in the history of mankind!!!!! I love you," he gushed.

Gwen Stefani and Black Shelton Open Up about Aging

In celebration of her 54th birthday, Stefani shared a picture of her smiling and told her fans that she wanted to celebrate her day with them.


The fashion designer has also opened up about how she has felt about getting older. She confessed that she started a makeup brand because she wanted to feel her best at her age.


According to Stefani, good quality makeup is the "magic" behind feeling good. “I just want to look as good as I can at any age, like we all do, and share that quality makeup truly does make a big difference in how you feel,” she added.

As for Shelton, he confessed that he was aware that his career was slowing down, but he was looking forward to less busy days.

Since marrying Stefani, a mother to three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, he has realized that there's more to life than just work. So, Shelton is ready to spend more time with family, tap into his role as a stepfather, and enjoy his marriage.

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