Keith Urban bought a wonderful home for Nicole Kidman. Another world famous star used to own it

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 11, 2018
01:53 P.M.
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Celebrities tend to go overboard when it comes to buying presents, especially when the love, respect and attraction that they feel for each other is over the top.


Would you like to know what country stars will spend their money on - watch this video!

Keith Urban, who married Nicole Kidman back in 2006, bought his wife the biggest gift ever since they started dating.

The 50-year-old country singer purchased a luxurious $52 million house in New York so Kidman could go after her dream, as reported by Woman's Day.


Even though she's one of the biggest stars in Hollywood nowadays, the Australian actress still hasn't done everything on her bucket list. One of those items is performing on a Broadway stage and have a career there.


So, in order to make the love of his life happy, Urban went on the market and acquired a mansion in New York, where the family could move into. This way, the actress could be closer to work and didn't need to travel as much.

The father also believes that moving would be good for their two daughters, 9-year-old Sunday Rose and 6-year-old Faith Margaret since they would have access to some of the best schools in America.

This wasn't directly revealed by neither of the stars, but by an anonymous friend of the couple. According to Woman's Day, that friend claimed that Nashville didn't have anything else to offer the couple, which was another reason for them to move.


The house, designed by Alexander Welch, used to be owned by Michael Jackson and was already fully furnished by the time Urban paid for it. It has seven bathrooms available, a big kitchen and a private outdoor patio that overlooks the street.

The dining room with a fireplace and a chandelier is one of the house's most attractive features. The other one is the grand oak staircase as one of its main features, and it combines perfectly with the wooden floors and contemporary furniture.

The tall windows allow the sunshine to illuminate every room while giving it a greater sense of space, unlike smaller windows, which can make a room feel small and almost claustrophobic.