8-year-old girl got married to a 37-year-old man. The secrets behind her marriage are terrifying

Mar 12, 2018
07:43 A.M.

Not many people are aware of it but, in many Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, most girls won't enjoy a proper childhood.


Many of these girls are married to adult men in an ancient but cruel practice in which poor parents sell their children, most of them before the age of 15.

According to ¡Qué Pasada!, the majority of these children won't get a proper education, as their lives change too much when they're forced into these marriages.

The early stages of a normal life are completely shattered for these children because they're forced into a new household with a strange partner.

But one of these girls escaped her vicious partner after being the victim of severe abuse on his part, and this is her story.


Nujaud Ali is the youngest divorced girl in the world. Before, this 8-year-old girl was married to a 24-year-old man who hit her and raped her.

After two months of abuse, she managed to escape and seek help. Currently, her marriage contract stipulates her husband won't touch her until she's 18 years old.

15-year-old Hashina Katun was given to Ali when she only was 13 years old. She's now five months pregnant and never went to school.

11-year old Feyrouz Ahmed Haider was sold by her relatives to marry a 25-year-old man when her mother was sick and in need of a blood transfusion.


While the contract said that the man shouldn't touch her until she was 18 years old, on their first night together, he forced her to sleep with him.

Scared, Feyouz escaped her husband and asked for help from her relatives, but they now have to decide between giving her back or refunding the money.

In India, they also tend to marry children together, and although they don't understand the consequences when they do it, they have to face reality soon enough.

In many Asian countries, parents decide to go through this weird and cruel tradition just to get rid of children they don't want to support anymore.

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