Soldier returns from service and hugs his daughter. But he doesn't even suspect what awaits him

Mar 12, 2018
08:50 A.M.

It must be hard to be a soldier while also being a parent, as they know they're missing the early stages of their own children.


According to Newsner, Joshua Wither is a soldier who spent more than three years on a mission and couldn't see his family during all that time.

When the time was due to come back home, he wanted to surprise his little daughter, but he didn’t know was that he was in for a surprise too.

Family and friends prepared a little celebration for his comeback, and they experienced an emotional moment that was shared through social media

He and his daughter shared this emotional moment with the crowd. They only wanted to let him know how proud they were of his service.

Withers spent his days on the field thinking about his daughter, Bianca, and the day he would ever see her again. He put a lot of effort in his mission in order to return as quickly as possible.


He was notified by a letter that he was discharged and on his way home after three long years, and he was truly excited about it.

He thought he was going to surprise his little Bianca, but his wife arranged and organized a big surprise party for him too.

His idea was to arrive at school hours to surprise Bianca, as she said she missed him day and night. It was the perfect gift for her.

His wife told him to go to the school wearing his uniform, for Bianca to recognize him quickly, but he didn't know what was about to discover.

The school had prepared a big party to honor him for his service years to the United States of America, and he was really happy about it.

His daughter talked about the party and all the feelings she experienced during the reunion of this beautiful family, which brought everyone to tears.

“I’m not going to let him go no more because I really missed him and so did my mom," little Bianca said.

Due to the fact that Joshua will be serving the country at home, working as a recruiter for the next several years, he will be able to see Bianca growing into a beautiful young lady.

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