My Christian friend has a son who killed himself. Now she is angry at me after what I said about it

Dear AmoMama,

One of my very best friends is a Christian, and I am not, which is fine by me. The problem is that two weeks ago her 19-year-old son committed suicide, and obviously, it was a terrible experience for her.

There was funeral service, and all these people were telling her she'd see him again in Heaven and that she'd be reunited with him. All nonsense, but I didn't say anything.

Then afterward we went back to her house, with another friend, and we three had some tea and she started crying saying her only comfort was God and seeing her son again in Heaven and some other nonsense.

So I got a bit irritated and said to her that wouldn't happen because religion was a myth the weak used to get themselves past their problems. We got into an argument and she said she believed in God and that was that.

So I pointed out that since her son had committed suicide, according to her beliefs, he'd be going to Hell because it was a deadly sin.

Then she got really upset and she actually threw me out. My other friend phoned me later and said I had been awful and cruel, and that my bereaved friend would never forgive me.

Honestly, I was just saying what was logical, and rational, and true. What did I do that was so wrong? Was I suppose to shut up about my beliefs so as not to offend? What about MY beliefs? Am I wrong? 

My daughter is also against me and said I am insensitive and egocentric. Can someone please explain what happened to freedom of expression? Everyone wants me to apologize. What should I do?

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