Can you recognize Marie Osmond after her recent drastic appearance change?

She looks different after one of her most signature features was tweaked.

As reported in an article published by Closer Weekly, American singer and actress Marie Osmond shocked her fans by sporting blond hair in one of her recent social media posts.

Osmond’s deep brown hair was one of her most recognizable features, and her fans and followers did not expect it to change.

The post shared by Osmond was a picture taken while she and her close friend were posing on a prop table against a backdrop of rushing waves, to make it appear that they were surfing.

While the picture was meant to highlight that the duo was having a good time, it was the shade of Osmond’s hair that drew the most attention.

The feed was soon filling up with comments about the sudden change, with remarks about her new blonde look in comparison to the classic brunette one.

While netizens were expressing their views on the post, one statement previously made by Osmond is particularly noteworthy.

While chatting up with Wendy Williams, Osmond had shared that often wore a blonde wig when she went out with her children.

Osmond had said that her children knew her as a blonde, which is why she would try to keep that image intact by wearing a wig.

A closer look at the singer’s social media profile would reveal that she has often shared photos of herself wearing blonde wigs in the past.

This indicates that she had been open about using them and that the recent picture that took her fans by surprise was not a spontaneous change that Osmond had made to her hair.

Back in 2015, Osmond had posted another picture of herself in blonde hair, and that post had received a lot of comments, too.

The photo featured Osmond as a teen, and she captioned it by stating that the image was proof of her having blonde hair as a teenager.

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