3 armed men tried to rape a teenage girl. But 67-year-old grandpa teaches them a lesson

Mar 13, 2018
01:52 P.M.

Most people will say that they would do anything possible to protect their family and property, and this old man was no different.


67-year-old Kenneth Byrd shot three burglars, killing one after they broke into his home and tried to rape his granddaughter.

According to So Share This, a man came to their door claiming to have car problems and needed water, but two other men were standing behind him, ready to force their entry.

These three men entered the home wearing black clothing, ski masks, and gloves, asking for money right before the grandfather overheard their plans to rape his granddaughter.

The man had to be rushed to the hospital after exchanging gunfire with the three suspects, killing one of them while the other two escaped the scene.

At first, the burglars forced their way inside, overpowering the grandfather. and took everyone to the back of the home, where their safe was located.


While all of this was happening, as they were demanding him to open the safe, he realized they were going to rape his 19-year-old granddaughter, but he had a plan.

He kept a loaded firearm inside of the same safe and right after he opened it, he shot all three although one burglar shot him several times.

The same outlet explained that the men got away and the grandfather was taken to a local hospital, where he was later airlifted to another facility due to his critical condition.

Although the suspects managed to escape the scene in the grandfather’s gold Cadillac, they were later apprehended.

Two of them were identified as Brandon Carver Stephens and Jamar Hawkins right at the hospital and the third one, Jamie Lee Faison, was later found dead in the stolen vehicle due to his wounds.

There is much debate today about gun control, but this grandfather chose to practice the right the Second Amendment gives him to protect his family, and it's not easy to be against that.

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