Chelsea Handler allegedly finds person to blame for Jennifer Aniston's split, causes controversy

Speaking up after her former friend's divorce, the talk show host feels she is owed an apology. 

Jennifer Aniston and her now-ex-husband Justin Theroux announced that they were splitting up on February 15. Since then, their relationship has been a talking point. Not only in the media, but among other Hollywood starlets. 

As reported by Inquisitr, there have been plenty of rumors plaguing the couple since their announcement, with various people laying the blame at one or the other's feet. One such rumor has come from Aniston's former friend, Chelsea Handler. 

The pair used to be close friends, but Aniston reportedly cut ties with the Chelsea Lately host when she felt she was being backstabbed by her supposed friend. 

Handler has now spoken up to blame her former friend for her divorce with Theroux. Handler claimed that she had previously warned Aniston that she would have to lower her expectations of Theroux, and readjust her treatment of him. 

She was very vocal about it, and it is part of the reason Aniston cut her off. The Friends actress felt that Handler was "unsupportive and spiteful." 

According to an unnamed insider, Handler is now quite pleased with herself for her prediction that Aniston and Theroux's marriage would not work, and feels that Aniston now owes her an apology for the way she handled the situation. 

“Chelsea didn’t think much of Justin, but she said from the get-go that Jen would need to readjust her expectations and treatment of him if they were to stand a chance,” stated the source. 

Handler also spent plenty of time spreading rumors about Aniston and Theroux's relationship and marriage, and Aniston did not take kindly to her former friend's attention seeking. 

Fortunately for Aniston, she has had plenty of girlfriends on her side since the split, which happened several weeks before Aniston's publicist announced the breakup publicly. 

In the statement, Aniston and Theroux said that they intended to remain friends as they had been before they became a couple. 

It is also rumored that distance was a major factor in their breakup, as Theroux was unwilling to leave New York to be with his wife in their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles. 

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